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Triad Mechanical is a family-owned and -operated company that provides commercial and residential HVAC services in Loganville, GA and nearby cities. We are staffed with a team of mechanical service professionals that are passionate about helping our clients with their HVAC concerns. Here are some HVAC must-reads to learn more about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems!

Why Hire a Licensed Heating Professional?

Your home’s heating system plays an important role in keeping you and your family comfortable throughout cold weather months. This complex system is easy to forget when it’s working well and oftentimes falls into the background of our daily lives. However, that...

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Why Professional Air Duct Cleaning is Important

Many of us can sort of do a decent job with changing out air filters when we need to, but how many of you have thought to take the time to clean your air ducts? A lot collects in them throughout the years from pet dander to pollen to dust. Your air ducts serve a...

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What is a HVAC Zoning System?

You may have heard about HVAC zoning systems but aren’t quite sure what it is or maybe it’s a completely new idea to you. HVAC zoning systems are a great way to control the temperature in different areas of your home. It works by creating different “zones” that are...

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Reasons Why Your AC Filter Turns Black

We are all familiar with the routine of changing out our air filters. A clean air filter helps rid our home of dander, dust, and other debris that is circulating the home. It’s not surprising to see a gray layer of fuzz when we change out filters but finding that it...

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Should You Choose Single-Stage or Two-Stage AC

Most of us aren’t too familiar with how our AC units function. The goal is to cool our homes and that’s all we need to think about, right? While this gets you by, it doesn’t help you understand how your unit fits into your life. We always recommend reading up on your...

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Common Myths You Hear About Your Furnace

Colder weather means it’s time for us to lean on our heaters again to keep our homes cozy. What’s interesting about the winter months is that common misconceptions about furnace systems start making their way around communities. This can lead to heating practices that...

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Steps to Take Before Turning on Your Furnace

Once cold weather hits, who isn’t ready to race to turn on their furnace? Before you get overly excited, pause a few minutes and review this checklist. While it seems straightforward to walk over and turn your unit on, there are actually several steps you should take...

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Basic Difference Between an AC and Chiller System

One area of heating and cooling air in a home or commercial facility that's often wondered about is the difference between an air conditioner and an air chiller system. While they both have generally the same goals in terms of regulating air temperature, each system...

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