When the temperature outside rises, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. But once that supposed saving grace starts feeling a little warm when you need it most, your AC system won’t be running at full capacity. To avoid this, it’s important to get an AC tune-up.

But how do you know when it’s time for one and what you can expect? We’ve got the answers.

What is an AC Tune-Up?

A tune-up can make your summer feel like a breeze. It’s a maintenance service where a qualified technician will perform the following so your AC doesn’t experience a breakdown:

Clean the Condenser Coils

With time, condenser coils can get filled with dirt and debris from the air outdoors. This can cause your AC to work overtime and cost you more money on energy bills. To solve this problem, a technician will clean these coils so they’re free of any obstruction to your HVAC system.

Flush the Drain

Slime and gunk can build up in the drainpipe leading away from your AC unit. Flushing regularly will help to prevent clogs that could cause water damage and leave your AC not working properly. 

Replace Faulty Parts

When a professional inspects your system, they’ll be able to spot any worn or faulty parts that need to be replaced and make sure you’re safe from any electrical hazard.

Add Freon

Freon is a refrigerant used by many air conditioners and is the reason you feel nice and cool during the summer months. It needs to be recharged every so often to keep the cooling process running smoothly and efficiently.

Replace Filters

Dirty filters are the reason your AC will start to feel a little warm. To keep your air clean and cool, you need to regularly replace filters so the only thing you worry about in the summer is which beach you’re headed to.

How Often Do You Need an AC Tune-Up?

How often you need a tune-up depends on the type of system you have. Generally, a yearly tune-up is recommended for most systems; however, at the beginning of spring and summer months, many people opt to get their AC tuned up to ensure it’s functioning optimally during these hotter times.

By getting an AC tune-up, you’ll help extend the life of your system, avoid costly repairs in the future and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that when the temperature rises outside, your air conditioner will be ready to keep you cool inside.

Stay Cool During the Summer Months with Triad Mechanical

At Triad Mechanical Solutions, we know how important it is to stay cool during the hot summer months. That’s why we offer professional AC tune-ups that are designed to keep your system running at peak efficiency by inspecting, cleaning, and servicing your AC system.

So when the summer months come around don’t be left out in the heat—contact us today to learn more about our tune-up services and see how we can help you stay comfortable no matter the temperature outside!