Are you getting a new ac unit installed? Although the licensed contractors who are installing your system know what steps to take to install the new system safely, it’s always a good idea for homeowners to know what to expect on installation day. Here’s what you need to know from Triad Mechanical, the experts in ac repair services in Conyers, GA.

Preparing for the Installation

Installing a new system takes several hours. At least one adult member of your household should be at home and available during the installation. The technicians will come in and out of your house often during the day. If you have pets, keep them out of the way or ask someone to take them for the day.

Prepare the area around the inside unit, also called the air handler. Make sure there is ample space for the technicians to move around. If you have any boxes or other items stored near the inside unit, remove them from the area.

Clean up around the outside unit also as necessary. Elevated units attached to the home usually don’t require much prep work. Those that are on the ground and surrounded by vegetation might need more work. Ask the installers if you need to remove bushes, flowers, or other plant life in the area before they get to work.

The Installation Process

First, the technicians will remove the old equipment. Once this is completed, they will set-up the outdoor air conditioning unit on the ground to determine the ideal placement. The technicians will double-check that there is clearance on all sides of the outside unit.

The technicians will also need to work on the inside unit and retrofit older units that aren’t compatible with R410A refrigerants. As of January 2020, new refrigerant regulations went into effect to phase out HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons). If your AC unit is older, its coils might not be compatible, and this will require the technician to retrofit your existing unit to prevent any harmful effects on the environment and leaks within your house.


Following the initial installation, the technician needs to test the new air conditioner. They will turn the air conditioner on and check your ductwork for leaks and make sure the home is cooling sufficiently. This includes measuring airflow and making any adjustments to the system, including adjusting the refrigerant amounts. This process may take an hour or so, and it might require the technicians to turn your system on and off a couple of times.

Professional Education

After your new system is installed, the technicians will explain how your new system works and educate you on the type of maintenance needed to ensure your AC runs well. The last thing you want is to need emergency ac repair because you don’t understand how to use your new air conditioner. Technicians will also explain what to expect from your new system’s performance. Many people are surprised to learn that a new system won’t run as often as their older unit. This is an example of helpful information for homeowners to know so they don’t call for unnecessary ac repair.

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