Modern life is all about comfort, which is one reason that heating and air systems are found in almost every home these days. When the temperatures plummet outside, most people fire up their trusty furnace to provide them with instant comfort during cold snaps. However, that warmth comes at a cost, as most furnaces consume a great deal of gas during peak periods of operation. That means your energy bills will skyrocket as the mercury falls, leaving you with an expensive price to pay just to maintain warm conditions in your home. Energy costs represent the primary continuing expense for heating and air-conditioning in Grayson, GA, which is why HVAC companies and homeowners both seek ways to get more efficiency from their systems.

However, furnace technology is advancing as more homeowners seek a more efficient means of heating their residences. One such innovation that’s becoming more prominent in the world of HVAC is the modulating gas furnace. Whereas old furnaces operated with burners that were either off or on, modulating gas furnaces can adjust the intensity of the burner to meet the heating demand. Also, they include variable speed blowers to save energy while providing needed performance. This can lead to not only better performance and improved energy efficiency, but the need for less heating and air-conditioning repair in Grayson, GA, since components aren’t under full load all the time during operation. Keep reading to learn the benefits of installing a modulating gas furnace.

Lower Operating Costs

Because of the ability to tailor the output to the heating need rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, a modulating gas furnace will use less energy than a standard furnace. The energy savings with a modulating gas furnace is twofold. Not only does the variable gas valve allow for more efficient operation of the furnace burner by reducing or increasing the gas supply to meet the heating needs, but the blower also has variable speeds to reduce the amount of electricity used.


Anyone who has owned a conventional furnace knows that they can be quite noisy, particularly when they come on. That sound usually stems from the blower starting up instantly. There’s also the sound of the gas burner igniting, which can be startling as well since the full gas stream lights at once with a roar. Modulating gas furnaces feature blowers that run at a lower velocity for longer cycles, so there’s no banging or roaring sounds when they activate.

Enhanced Comfort

Because the modulating gas furnace is responsive to the heating needs of your residence rather than being activated or turned off by a thermostat only, the level of comfort is greatly improved. A standard furnace can only turn off or on, and the blower runs at a single speed. That means that your house may be too warm in some rooms and not warm enough in others that are further from the furnace unit. However, a modulating gas furnace provides steady, consistent heat, which does away with hot spots and temperature inconsistencies from one room to another.

Long-Term Durability

Because the modulating gas furnace has variable speeds, it doesn’t run at full throttle all the time during operation. That has a beneficial side effect in that it prevents excess wear on critical components in the furnace. The less routine wear means that repairs are less frequent, and the service life of the furnace unit is extended significantly. That allows homeowners to recoup their investment in a modulating gas heater.

If you’re considering the replacement of your home heater, consider installing a modulating gas furnace to get a longer service life, enhanced comfort, and lower energy bills. To learn more, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075.