If you live in a hot climate, like in the American South, there are few things more dread-inducing than an air conditioning system that is not working. The prospect of baking, even for a night, in the heat and humidity, can make even those who love the heat cringe. If your air conditioning is not working and you are looking for an AC company in Grayson, GA, before you call, check out these common reasons why a system is not producing cool air or not as much cool air as it should.

Outside Unit Maintenance

Take a look at your external unit’s condenser. Is there anything blocking it? Is there dirt and debris built up around or on it? If so, that might be your problem. Your outside unit has to be free of dirt, plants and debris or the condenser will not perform efficiently. In fact, dirt and debris can reduce your condenser’s ability to cool significantly and If the blockage is sufficient enough, it can even shut down and have to be replaced. If you are getting AC installation in Grayson, GA, you should make sure the outside unit has the recommended clearance around and over it.

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Just as your external condenser has to be free of debris, so does your evaporator coil. Two elements that contribute to this are dirt that is actually on the coil and dirty filters. Both restrict the air flow in your unit and make it all but impossible to produce cold air. One thing you can do is to change the filter. If your evaporator coil is dirty, however, you will need a professional to come and clean it.

Frozen Evaporator

Restricted air flow can also cause your evaporator to freeze up, much like ice can build up on your freezer. When this happens, the two play on each other in an exponential curve: Restricted air flow to the evaporator causes the ice, which causes less air to get to the condenser, which causes more ice. The first step you should take to address this is to turn off your system and let it defrost; then change your filters to see if that is why your air flow is restricted. You should also call for emergency AC maintenance in Grayson, GA if your unit has ice buildup as it could be something more significant than a filter issue.

An air conditioning unit that is not circulating cool air properly likely has a simple solution, but not always. If you are experiencing little or no cool air circulating in your home and are looking for an AC company in Grayson, GA, try this list first and then call the professionals.