One of the best ways to extend the life of your AC unit and avoid frequent AC repair in Alpharetta, GA, is to keep it well maintained. Fortunately, doing proper maintenance on your AC isn’t difficult, especially when you involve the help of a professional repair service. Here are some maintenance tasks that you and AC technicians can do that will go a long way towards keeping your unit and HVAC system in good shape.

Get Seasonal Tune-Up

Professional seasonal tune-ups are extremely important for keeping your AC running smoothly and efficiently. The tune-up identifies any problems, but it also includes a thorough cleaning to help the coils work more effectively. The drain pan and lines are all checked to make sure there aren’t any blockages or breaks in the line. In addition, the blower compartment and fans are checked to make sure everything is in good working order. The thermostat is calibrated and all belts and mechanical parts are inspected as well. This checkup should be done in the spring before you start using your AC system. This can help you avoid major repairs and premature breakdowns.

Change the Filter

One maintenance task you can and should do on your own is checking and changing the filter regularly. The longest your filter should be used is for three months, and in many cases the filter needs to be changed much more often than that. This is especially the case at the height of summer when your system is running frequently. Frequent use means that the AC is moving more air, which means the filter is trapping more contaminants. When your filter becomes dirty it causes the entire system to work harder, reducing efficiency and adding wear and tear.

Help Improve Efficiency

Replacing your filter every month or two is one easy way to increase the efficiency of your AC. But there are measures you can take as well that will increase efficiency and help reduce the load on your system. Turning your thermostat up just one degree can cut your energy use by 3% to 5%, and help keep your AC from working as hard. A programmable or smart thermostat can also increase efficiency. You can also help your AC by increasing the overall energy efficiency of your home by doing things like shutting blinds or curtains, adding insulation, and cooking outdoors as often as possible.

Check Condensate Drain

The condensate drain can become blocked by mineral buildup from the water that’s released through the drain. When the condensate drain is blocked, it can allow water to back up into the system, which can cause more serious problems. Make sure you periodically check the condensate drain line, which is a small PVC pipe outside your home or in the basement. If you don’t see water trickling from this or if you notice leaking from areas, make sure you get the system looked at right away before other damage occurs.

Clean the Unit

In addition to having the professionals clean the inside of your AC, make sure you clean the outside of the unit when debris like dirt, twigs, or leaves builds up. In addition, keep shrubs and other vegetation trimmed away from the outdoor unit.

Call for Repairs

Finally, make sure you call AC repair services in Alpharetta when you notice a problem. These include issues like warm air blowing, weak airflow, or strange sounds or smells. It’s imperative that you get any problems repaired quickly, so be sure to call Triad Mechanical right away if you notice a problem.