When temperatures rise during the warmer months, homeowners rely on their air conditioning system in Duluth, GA, to keep them cool in their homes. As much relief air conditioning gives from the heat and humidity outdoors, if it’s not well maintained, it could do be doing you more harm than good.

Homeowners often focus on the mechanical aspects of their AC systems. They maintain their units and schedule air conditioning repair to make sure little problems don’t use up a lot of energy and drain their wallets. What well-intentioned people don’t always know is that their air conditioning plays a large role in how well they feel in their homes.

Did you know that poorly-maintained air conditioning units have been a factor in respiratory distress, increased allergy symptoms, and have even been suspected of spreading disease inside homes? Yes, this all sounds daunting and scary, but fortunately, there are solutions. This doesn’t have to happen in your home. With a little know-how, you have the power to keep your AC from affecting your health and the health of everyone who lives in the home.

Clean or Change Your AC Unit’s Air Filters

The #1 way to keep your air conditioning system from leaking pollutants into the air in your home is to pay attention to the filters. Most air conditioning systems use replaceable air filters. These disposable filters are designed to be good only for a short time. You should change these filters once every 30-90 depending on the type of filter you buy. Once the filter gets too dirty, it can’t hold any more dirt, dander, dust, or other airborne particles. These particles get released back in the air and reduce the air quality in the home.

Some air conditioners have filters that aren’t replaced every month or two. Instead, these filters need cleaning to work their best. Which filter do you have? Refer to the owner’s manual that came with the unit. If you don’t have this information, schedule an appointment with an HVAC specialist to help you figure out this information. 

Schedule Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance Checks

This service offered by HVAC specialists is a valuable service that not only improves the efficiency of your system and prevents emergency AC repair, but it’s one that improves your home’s air quality. When your air conditioner isn’t working at optimal performance, you and your family could be breathing in dirty air. During this service call, the technician checks for system leaks, cleans dirty coils, and makes other adjustments to make sure the system is operating in a manner that keeps the air you breathe as clean as possible.

Don’t Wait to Install a New Air Conditioner

New air conditioning installation isn’t something you do every couple of years because it’s expensive and unnecessary. That being said, you also don’t want to use the same air conditioner for 20+ years. After the 10-year mark, AC units stop working they’re best. They start to experience more problems and are more likely to pollute the air. If your air conditioning unit is getting up there in age, start planning now for a new one.

Keeping your home’s air quality in check is important. If you have questions about the efficiency of your air conditioning in Duluth, GA, and want to know how to improve your home’s air quality, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075.