Regular AC maintenance can help you avoid having to call for air conditioning repair in Duluth, GA. Accidents happen, and machines break down. However, performing the requisite maintenance on your AC can help prevent break downs and catch problems before they become noticeable. What should you look at when performing your AC maintenance?

Filter Replacement

Depending on the AC usage, the dust in the air and whether or not you have pets that shed, the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced every 6 months or more. A denser air filter will clean out more air impurities but need to be changed or cleaned more often.

Clean the Coils

Evaporator coils need to be free of dirt and dust, so that they can do their job correctly. While a clean filter will help keep them clean, you will still need to wipe them down.

Outside Unit Cleaning

If you have a unit standing outside the home, be sure to clean around it. Plants and debris should be cleared away.

Drain Pan and Tube

There is a drainage tube that will sometimes drop water into a sink down a wall or outside away from the AC unit. Find this tube and be sure to clean it out. A couple of minutes with a wet/dry vac should do the trick. If your AC unit also has a drainage pan, make sure it is free from growth and cleaned as well.

Annual Professional Checkups

Not every maintenance issue can be done by someone without credentials. Having a professional do an annual maintenance check gives you access to expertise, tools, and insight that you may not have by yourself. Every good professional will know how best to avoid needing to call for an air conditioning repair in Duluth, GA. With regular visits, you’ll increase the lifespan of your AC unit while having it run more efficiently and saving you money on your monthly energy bill.