It’s important to have your air conditioning working properly this summer, which means you need to be aware of any irregularities that could indicate the need for repairs. It’s also important to stay on top of your regular AC maintenance in Grayson, GA, because failure to do so could result in some unfortunate consequences. Here are some of the potential effects of overlooking regular AC repair and maintenance.

Health Concerns 

One effect of a poorly maintained AC is health issues. It often gets overlooked, but it’s one that can cause serious problems for the home’s occupants. A regular AC tune-up includes a thorough cleaning that removes dust and allergens from the inside of the system. When these particles build up, they can cause allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, runny noses, watery eyes, and more. There’s also the possibility of bacteria-caused diseases and health issues from fungus and mold. These illnesses can be spread through your central air system, but regular tune-ups and cleaning can minimize these dangers.

Dirty System 

In addition to health risks that are associated with a dirty HVAC system, there are potential problems for your AC that you should consider as well. The filter should keep much of the dust and dirt in the air from going into the rest of your AC system, but if a filter isn’t regularly changed, it becomes almost useless. Even with regular filter changes, some dust will get into the coils, and it may eventually build up to the point that makes it difficult for the air to flow, which means the system can’t work properly. A dirty system can cause additional issues like high energy bills and frequent repairs.

Higher Energy Bills 

Higher energy bills are a common consequence of a dirty system or a poorly maintained system because of additional wear and tear. Low airflow from dirt and dust causes the system to work harder, which means you’ll use more energy to get the same cooling power in your home. Additionally, when your system has to work harder to keep your home cool, the different components sustain additional wear and tear, which means you’ll notice issues cropping up, and you may have to replace parts or the entire unit earlier than expected.

Frequent Breakdowns 

You can often avoid emergency repairs by having your AC inspected regularly. Failure to do so often means that you’ll frequently have breakdowns, which is not only a hassle while you wait for a repair company, but it also means you’re spending more in repairs than you would have in maintenance costs. A regular inspection identifies issues early on before they become worse and ensures parts are properly lubricated and adjusted as needed to help avoid these breakdowns.

Reduced AC Lifespan 

Finally, your AC is designed to last ten to fifteen years, or even longer. However, you can often get a lot more years from your system simply by changing the filter regularly and having a professional tune-up and inspect your system twice a year. When you combine all the other ill effects of overlooking regular AC servicing, like additional wear and tear, reduced efficiency, and frequent repairs, the end result is that your AC won’t last as long, and you’ll have to replace it prematurely. To schedule a tune-up or for other AC repair services in Grayson, GA, contact Triad Mechanical today.