There are many minor projects around the house that are perfect for handy homeowners to handle by themselves. While taking a DIY approach to home maintenance can be admirable, there are some household systems that shouldn’t be maintained by amateurs, no matter how handy they may be. Your home HVAC is included in that category, as do-it-yourself repairs on your home AC unit can be ill-advised, especially when you consider that there are plenty of HVAC companies in Grayson, GA, on standby to respond to your heating and cooling needs around the clock.

Many intrepid homeowners bypass calling for 24-hour HVAC repair, instead opting to work on their home AC units themselves. Not only can taking that path lead to additional expenditures, longer downtimes during repairs, and the potential for damage to the system, many HVAC repairs can also be dangerous if you don’t have the proper tools and expertise to execute them. Keep reading below to learn about the downsides of attempting DIY air conditioning repair.

It Can Void Your Warranty

AC unit manufacturers know that most AC repairs are too complex for DIY amateurs. That’s why they require professional maintenance and repair as one of the stipulations of the warranty that covers your air conditioning system. When you attempt to make the repairs yourself, you can void your warranty and leave yourself vulnerable to the expenses associated with AC failures in the future. Even if you’ve read over your warranty, it’s best to play it safe and let the professionals handle repairs to keep your warranty intact.

It Will Cost You More Long-Term

There are many ways that a DIY AC repair can end up costing you exponentially more money than if you’d just called a pro to make the repair. First, professional AC companies can get replacement parts at a reduced price, which means you won’t get that advantage when purchasing your own parts. You’re also more likely to cause secondary damage when working on your AC, and that can result in a significant increase in expenses. Even if you are successful in providing a short-term fix for your problem, you probably won’t be able to make the proper repair without the right equipment and experience. Therefore, your quick fix could cost you additionally in terms of subpar AC performance and decreased energy efficiency.

It Can Lead to Permanent Damage

Almost any type of AC repair can lead to permanent damage to your system if it’s not properly performed. When you hire a professional to handle repairs, you can move forward with the confidence that if something does go awry, the company providing service is insured and will do what it takes to restore your system. However, when you attempt such repairs on your own, you lose that safety net, as there no assurances if your repair causes systemwide damage that can’t be remediated. Your desire to save a few dollars on a service call can lead to thousands of dollars in additional expense when your entire system must be replaced.

It Can Be Dangerous

Repairs to your AC system are also ill-advised because they can represent some of the most dangerous repairs that are made within your household. Working on an AC unit often means working at height, so the inherent risk of falls can be increased. AC systems also run on electricity, which poses a risk of electrical shock for those who aren’t familiar with safe practices when working on electrical systems. AC units also use gases and chemicals that can be dangerous if inhaled or otherwise consumed. Improper handling of those substances can result in significant health risks.

If you’re experiencing problems with your residential AC, attempting do-it-yourself repairs is a bad idea. Instead, call for professional assistance from one of the skilled HVAC contractors in Grayson, GA, to help keep your system running safely and efficiently. To learn more about the downsides of DIY air conditioner repair, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075.