When the first cold blast of the winter rolls through, it’s easy to remember just how important your residential heating system is to your comfort and contentment as the temperatures drop. While many people rely on the tried-and-true gas furnace for their heating needs, an increasing number of homeowners are opting for heat pumps when the time comes for heating and air installation in Loganville, GA. That’s because many homeowners are more energy conscious than ever before when it comes to heating and air-conditioning, and a heat pump can keep energy usage low without sacrificing comfort.

However, many people fall prey to some of the common misconceptions about heat pumps and fail to take advantage of their tremendous benefits. That’s why it’s important to seek solid information to cut through the myths and help you make a wise decision about your heating and cooling needs. Keep reading to learn about a few common heat pump misconceptions you’d do well to avoid.

Misconception 1: Heat Pumps Only Heat

It’s easy to see why some people may think that heat pumps are exclusively for heating your house. After all, the word heat is right there in the name. However, heat pumps are a little more versatile than the name would imply. Heat pumps use a mechanical compression refrigeration system that can heat or cool the home. Therefore, a quality heat pump can handle your heating and cooling needs all in one unit. That can be a significant advantage because of the reduced cost of the initial unit as well as its maintenance and upkeep.

Misconception 2: Heat Pumps Are Expensive to Operate

In the past, there was a perception that heat pumps weren’t as cost-effective as furnaces for heating since electricity typically costs a little more than other sources of energy. Early heat pumps weren’t as energy efficient as modern units, so they did require a lot of energy to perform their heating and cooling tasks. However, today’s heat pumps are amazingly efficient, making them one of the most efficient methods of heating your home. In fact, you can save about 30% of your energy costs by using a heat pump instead of the other leading sources of residential heating.

Misconception3: Heat Pumps Are Noisy

Again, early heat pumps were somewhat louder than current models, so in decades past, this misconception held more credibility. Modern heat pumps are extremely quiet when properly installed by a professional HVAC technician, which means they are no louder when operating than any other type of heating system commonly used for home heating.

Misconception 4: Heat Pumps Can’t Compete in Cold Climates

There’s another myth that may once have been true but has dwindled as heat pump technology improved. While there was a time that a heat pump would struggle to keep a home warm in a cold climate, that’s no longer the case. In fact, a properly installed ducted heat pump can efficiently keep your home at a reliable temperature regardless of how low the temperatures drop outside.

Misconception 5: Heat Pumps Don’t Last

Because your heat pump can perform both heating and cooling functions, it will run year-round to provide you with comfort. For that reason, some homeowners believe that the heat pump’s life span is shortened by the workload. However, that’s not true, as the average-quality heat pump that’s installed properly can last 15 to 20 years.

If you’re preparing for the installation of a new system for heating and air in Loganville, GA, don’t let the misconceptions about heat pumps prevent you from investigating their worth. A little information can dispel those common myths and help you make the best choice about HVAC in your home. To learn more about heat pumps, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075