More homeowners these days are taking advantage of the benefits that come with installing a ductless air conditioning system. Sometimes called mini-split systems, ductless ACs aren’t just appropriate for installation in homes that have no pre-existing ductwork. They also provide an energy-efficient but high-performance method for keeping your used living spaces cool and comfortable while limiting energy usage. Ductless air conditioning installation in Covington, GA, makes sense for many homeowners, which is why the popularity of this type of system is on the rise.

What is a ductless AC system? It’s much like a traditional standard split system that features an inside unit and an outside unit. In a traditional AC system, those indoor and outdoor components are connected by refrigerant lines, and the cooled air is distributed around the house from the central unit through a system of ducts. Ductless systems, on the other hand, have a central outside unit that’s connected with refrigerant lines to individual cooling units in each room. Those room components cool the air on-demand and are only responsible for cooling that individual space. Keep reading to learn how the average homeowner can benefit from having an AC repair company install a ductless AC system.

They Save Money

 Going ductless can save you money at the time of installation as well as throughout the lifespan of the system. First, if you don’t need to install ducts, you can reap savings during the installation process when you go with a ductless system. Also, ductless AC systems are far more efficient than the standard duct AC system. There are several reasons for this. First, the air is cooled in the room in a ductless system, which eliminates the energy loss that can occur when cooled air must be distributed to rooms from a central unit through ducts in the attic or crawlspace. With a traditional system, you must cool the entire house, even if you only use one or two rooms. With a ductless system, you can elect to only cool the rooms where you spend the most time, thus saving a tremendous amount of energy.

Better Air Quality

Interior air quality has become a critical concern, as it can dramatically impact the health of those who live in your home. One of the primary contributors to indoor air pollution is dirty or dusty ductwork as mold, dust mites, and pollen can persist in dirty ducts. Since there are no ducts to keep clean in a ductless system, you can eliminate a significant source of indoor air pollution and breathe cleaner air as a result.

Easy Installation

Installing a new ducted system can involve quite an operation, as not only do the indoor and outdoor units need to be installed, but they also require a system of ducts in the attic or crawlspace. With a ductless AC unit, a whole step in the traditional AC installation process can be discarded, making installation quick and efficient with minimal disruption to your home.

Flexibility of Solutions

Because of their ease of installation, lower price point, and efficiency, ductless air conditioners offer maximum flexibility for a variety of applications. For example, they can be used to effectively regulate the temperature in outbuildings such as sheds, mother-in-law-suites, or home offices. They don’t have to be connected to your interior system, and they can replace inefficient and noisy window AC units. If you add to your house and your square footage exceeds the capacity of your current central AC system, the solution could be to install a mini-split, in addition, to maintain temperature without the need for infrastructure to tie into the existing central AC.

Better for the Environment

Because you can tailor the use of your ductless AC more closely to your needs, the result is that you use less energy in your home. By only cooling the rooms that are being used, you can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint, since central AC use in the warmer months can represent a sizable percentage of your energy bill.

If you are investigating your AC options, consider talking with a provider of air conditioning repair in Covington, GA, to learn whether a ductless system would make sense for your situation. To learn more about the advantages of installing a ductless AC system, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075.