Many homeowners have an enterprising attitude when it comes to repairs and home improvement these days. Thanks to the constant availability of the internet and video tutorials on almost any topic, knowledge is never more than a few keystrokes away for anyone who wants to attempt a DIY repair. While that do it yourself approach can help homeowners tackle many minor tasks without calling a repairman and incurring the associated expense, there are a few repair tasks that should be left in the hands of professionals. For example, AC installation in Covington, GA, is not a job for an amateur homeowner, as it takes years of experience, intense training, and specialized equipment to properly install an AC unit.

 Whether you need a new AC unit, repairs to your existing AC, or even simple preventive maintenance, it’s best to hire an AC repair company to tend to your air conditioning needs. Air conditioning DIY is just a bad idea, since few homeowners have the proper tools and training to conduct such repairs, and the consequences of botched fixes can be quite expensive. Keep reading to learn why DIY air conditioning repairs should be avoided.


 Working on any type of machinery can carry an inherent risk, even for those who are experienced and well-trained. However, that risk increases dramatically when the person performing the task has no idea what he or she is doing, has no experience with repairs, or attempts to use makeshift tools instead of using the proper equipment. Air conditioner repairs can be dangerous since AC systems involve high voltage electricity, noxious gases, and working at an elevation. Given the safety risks involved in HVAC work, it’s best to just leave AC repairs to technicians who are properly trained and properly equipped with the right tools and personal safety gear.

Additional Expense

Many people who attempt DIY repairs on their air conditioning systems do so under the auspices of saving money. They mistakenly believe that by performing the work themselves instead of calling a professional technician, they won’t pay as much. However, that often isn’t the case, as amateur HVAC repairs can result in bigger, more costly problems. In many cases, homeowners do damage to their systems that must be repaired by a professional anyway. That means they’ll spend more on the botched repairs than what would have been required to just hire a pro in the first place.

Reduced Lifespan

Unless you are a professional HVAC technician, you probably don’t have the expertise and diagnostic equipment needed to assess the full scope of repairs an AC system may need. You may even be able to temporarily solve one obvious issue while underlying issues remain. Those incomplete repairs will detract from the overall service life of your AC unit and lead to premature failure. A professional can use diagnostic tools and an expert eye to determine what may be the root cause behind a superficial problem, which will reduce the stress on your overall system and help it live out its full-service life.

Voided Warranty

Have you ever really looked at the warranty on your air conditioner? If so, you may have noticed that there are a few prerequisites you must meet in order to keep your warranty intact. One of those criteria is that you have AC service and preventive maintenance performed by a trained, certified professional technician. When you attempt to perform those tasks on your own, you could be jeopardizing the integrity of your warranty. The financial ramifications of that action could be harsh, as a voided warranty could cost your thousands.

While a do-it-yourself approach can be admirable in some cases, that doesn’t apply when it comes to AC installation, AC repair, and AC maintenance in Covington, GA. There are many reasons that it’s wise to hire a pro to handle your AC needs instead of going it alone. To learn more reasons that DIY AC repairs should be avoided, contact Triad Mechanical at (770) 682-0075.