When you get a new AC installation in Social Circle, GA, you may assume that you’re free from worry about your AC for a few years until you’ll eventually need AC repair. However, waiting for something to go wrong with your AC before having it serviced is a bad idea for several reasons. Here’s what you need to know about why professional maintenance is better for your HVAC system.

Wasted Energy

One of the main reasons homeowners decide to replace their AC unit is to help increase energy efficiency. While it’s true that a new unit can drastically improve your energy bills, the savings will only be short term without proper maintenance. Your unit requires a professional tune-up and regular filter changes in order to keep the airflow consistent. Proper airflow is essential for your AC to run efficiently. When you consistently have a professional tune-up and inspection, you can keep your unit running smoothly while using as little energy as possible.

Frequent Repairs

Another reason you shouldn’t wait for your AC to break down before having your system serviced is to avoid more frequent and serious repairs. A regular tune-up not only provides minor adjustments, but the technician will also look for signs of potential problems that need to be addressed. Doing minor repairs in the early stages can help you avoid more serious repairs in the future, many of which snowball into additional repairs without regular maintenance.

Cost Considerations

It’s not only a hassle to frequently need repairs on your AC. The costs can quickly add up as well, rapidly negating any energy savings you may have enjoyed when your unit was new. Paying a small fee for regular tune-ups is an investment into your HVAC system because it helps you avoid costly repairs and helps save money on utility bills as well.

Wear and Tear

Higher energy efficiency is important for reasons other than saving you money. If your unit is poorly maintained, it will begin to run poorly as well. That means that your AC will sustain more damage from wear and tear because it will start to run longer and more often. In some cases, your AC will begin short cycling, which means it turns off and on frequently without running a full cycle. This wears down the system and makes it difficult for your home to cool down as well.


As mentioned, short cycling and other problems that can arise with a poorly maintained AC system will keep the AC from running a complete cycle. When your AC stops running efficiently, you’ll be far less comfortable in your home. Your unit will have a difficult time maintaining the temperature that’s set on the thermostat, or you may notice other problems like warm areas in your home. These temperature problems can be caused by inefficient air flow or from the inability of the AC to adequately cool the air that’s being delivered throughout your home because of low refrigerant, frozen coils, or other issues.

Shorter Life Span

Another serious consequence of waiting for your AC to break down is the possibility that your AC will need to be replaced prematurely. AC maintenance in Social Circle, GA, helps increase the life span of your system because adjustments and repairs will be made before they become a major problem. To schedule your next tune-up and inspection, contact Triad Mechanical today.