Everyone loves and appreciates air conditioning. For many people, it’s not a modern luxury, but rather a necessity for daily life. Whether at home or at the office, being able to keep the intense heat of summer at bay is both appreciated and essential for living and working comfortably. While AC is certainly beloved, that doesn’t mean that it’s always cared for and maintained properly. Like any machinery, your AC may occasionally need repairs and should receive routine maintenance, but even that isn’t a guarantee that it’ll continue performing without issue.

When you need an HVAC company in Johns Creek, GA, it’s often because something has gone awry, but you shouldn’t wait until your AC stops working to make a call. There are warning signs that your AC needs professional attention, and the most common is making noises. The quicker it’s serviced, the more likely you’ll be able to avoid more costly repairs.

A Squeal

Different sounds mean different things. If you hear a squeal, that’s typically due to a belt or bearings. The belt that connects the motor to the blower may have slipped. That’s perhaps the most common reason that people hear a high-pitched squeal coming from their AC after they turn it on. The other culprit would be the bearings in your condenser fan’s motor. New air conditioners don’t even use a belt system, so that’s the educated guess when it comes to older AC units. If it’s a newer unit that doesn’t have a belt, the bearings will be at fault. Both repairs are standard and can be addressed relatively quickly and easily by a skilled technician.

A Buzz

A buzz can be a number of different problems, so it tends to be a bit more complex in terms of making an accurate diagnosis. The most common issues are loose parts, refrigerant leaks, or a faulty compressor. You may also hear buzzing if there are broken or missing isolation feet. Because there are so many potential causes, a technician may need to take a bit more time to identify the specific issue. Regardless, there are a number of HVAC companies in Johns Creek, GA, with a capable technicians, who should be able to diagnose and repair the problem with little difficulty.