When fall arrives, many people stop thinking about their air conditioning because the days aren’t as hot, and the nights are cooler. Homeowners turn their attention to what they perceive to be more pressing home improvement projects, like maybe finishing a basement remodeling project or installing new kitchen countertops. While these projects might add value to your home, there’s one project you don’t want to put off, and that is air duct cleaning. Clean ductwork prevents emergency ac repair in Covington, GA, and fall is the ideal time of the year to call an HVAC company for professional ductwork cleaning.

If you’re considering putting off air duct cleaning until the spring, consider the following reasons for scheduling this valuable service this fall.

Easier Scheduling

During the spring and summer, AC repair services in Covington get inundated with calls for routine and emergency service. It could take days or weeks to get an appointment for duct cleaning. Fall is a slower time of the year for local heating and cooling companies, which means two things for customers. One, you’ll have an easier time scheduling an appointment that works with your schedule. Two, many HVAC companies offer discounted rates during the off-season.

Breathe Easier this Winter in Your Home

Dirty ducts release pollutants into the air you breathe inside your home. During the winter, you’re likely to spend more time indoors and, if your air ducts are dirty, you and your family breathe in the polluted air. Inhaling dirty air can make you more susceptible to illness and aggravate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Better Heating

Speaking of furnace performance, cleaning your air ducts in the fall helps your heating system work more efficiently. If it’s been years since you’ve had your air ducts cleaned, you might have inches of debris built up inside the ductwork. Dust, dander, rodent droppings, and other debris build up over time and blocks airflow. A good cleaning gets rid of these substances and makes it easier for the heated air to reach all rooms in the house.

Do All Homes Benefit from Seasonal Air Duct Cleaning?

No one wants to call for an ac repair service if it’s not necessary, but this happens all the time. Dirty air ducts make HVAC systems work harder and cause uneven cooling. So, yes, air duct cleaning benefits all homes. That being said, it’s especially important for households that have pets, small children, people with allergies, and if people smoke inside the home. These situations make the household’s air get dirtier faster.

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