Every home and business has to think about their HVAC system. If you are a business and don’t upgrade your commercial HVAC, it can end up being a threat to employees, customers, and anyone who steps foot into your business. This is obviously not a risk that any company wants to take, and they should ensure that their commercial HVAC system is as up to date as possible.

What are some ways to know when it’s time to upgrade your building HVAC? No matter what, you should contact an HVAC professional to find out more information, but here are some signs that it might be time:


The most straightforward way to figure out whether it’s time to upgrade your commercial building HVAC system is to consider how old it is. Let’s say that you own a business and have noticed that your HVAC system is old and rusty just by looking at it. Perhaps you can’t remember the last time that you upgraded the commercial building HVAC system.

If your building HVAC is 15-20 years old, then it is absolutely time to upgrade your system. In fact, you should do so immediately. If your commercial building HVAC systems are a decade old, then it might even be time to examine whether it’s as efficient as it once was. Newer commercial building HVAC systems also might have special features that could help improve air quality.

Smart Device Integration

Technology is constantly evolving, and there are trends like Internet of Things (IoT) and automation that are already changing the technology of commercial building HVAC systems. Your building HVAC could integrate with new smart devices that can help your business transition into modern times. For this reason, it might be time to consider upgrading your building HVAC. Newer systems can integrate with smart thermostats, for example.

This also means that your business can save money in the future. Smart devices can help reduce utility bills considerably, and it might be smart financial decision to think about upgrading your building HVAC and integrating smart devices. A smart thermostat would allow business owners to schedule temperature changes according to different hours of the day, for example.


There are many companies that aren’t as productive as they hope to be. This happens for a variety of reasons, and it might involve relationships between coworkers, office amenities, and the nature of the company culture. If employees can work at a comfortable temperature and humidity, then it can help increase revenue and reduce downtime.

If several employees have complained about the building HVAC, it might be time to take a look at the situation. Every business should be focused on maximum productivity and updating your building HVAC can help significantly in that respect.

Updating your commercial building HVAC systems can also improve the overall air quality, which helps reduce health risks for customers and employees. In other situations, it might also be time to upgrade commercial building HVAC systems to reduce noise.

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