Maintenance checks on your HVAC system are yearly appointments to make to ensure that your system is functioning well and performing efficiently. This is a preventative service that is regularly scheduled so that your unit can be cleaned out and worn parts can be replaced if needed. At these appointments, your HVAC technician may tackle heating equipment or cooling equipment depending on the time of year. The basics of routine maintenance will include cleaning, inspecting, monitoring, and safety testing. Here’s what you can expect.

AC Maintenance

AC maintenance is best scheduled either right before the warmer months start or right after they’ve passed. This is so you can tackle any problems before use or right after it’s been working hard all summer.

This check will include a walkthrough of any parts related to cooling from the air conditioner unit outside and its internal parts and any equipment inside that helps it circulate cool air throughout the home. Major components of this that will be looked over include motors, pumps, valves, and any safety controls. Your technician will also do a check on the electrical lines, change out the filter if needed, and inspect the thermostat.

Heater Maintenance

Heating maintenance appointments work similarly as AC in that they will be scheduled before or right after the winter season. This inspection will include a thorough check of your furnace or boiler as well as the ventilation system that moves the heat throughout the home. The main things your technician is looking for are any signs of wear and tear as well as how efficiently the system is running. They will clean out these areas while going through their inspection and advise you on any replacements or fixes that need to be made.

Components of your heating system that will be included in the check include the blower, motors, ignition assembly, pressure switches, and electrical components. In addition, the technician will also test for any leaks and make sure the unit overall is safe to use.

Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance checks can do a lot to increase the lifespan of your HVAC unit and improve efficiency each year. We offer heating and cooling services, emergency services, and more!

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