Many people want to make sure they’re installing only the best HVAC zoning system. These are homeowners and business owners who want to ensure that their family is safe, and their employees are productive. Of course, the right HVAC zoning system can also help you save a significant amount of money over time.

What is the best HVAC zoning system for your particular needs? The wrong HVAC system can waste a lot of energy if it isn’t zoned and utilized correctly. How do you know whether you have an excellent HVAC zoning system or not? Read on to find out.

HVAC Zoning System Basics

What does a standard HVAC system look like? It is typically a furnace combined with an air conditioner, although there are many other alternatives. An HVAC zoning system might also have numerous motor-driven dampers to control airflow to each zone. The number of dampers may vary from a few to as many as twenty, depending on your HVAC zoning system needs and your home or business’s size.


If you have the resources and want to create the best HVAC zoning system, you may even invest in a modulating controller that will adjust the dampers when necessary. Homeowners should also consider purchasing smart thermostats for each zone of the HVAC zoning system, as well. The best HVAC zoning system will take into account unoccupied rooms and temperature imbalances to provide more comfort and convenience

Potential Problems

How do you know if you are thinking about the best HVAC zoning system, unless you know what not to do? First, a single-stage system should not be zoned at all. Why is this? The answer is simple: a single-stage system cannot save energy because it tends to be used at 100% capacity most or all of the time. Homeowners will have air that is either too cool or too hot forced into open zones, which can end up with rooms either being too hot or cold. Also, bypass ducts and dampers should not be utilized.


Why can’t bypass ducts be used for your HVAC system zones? Here are some of the problems they cause: first, they can collect humidity, which can attract mold. This can end up affecting the health of your family members and employees. Second, running the AC could cause the AC coil to freeze up momentarily. Third, most bypass dampers are weighted rather than wired. This means that air will always find its way to the bypass duct.


If you are serious about having the best HVAC zoning system, it should be noted that it might cost a significant amount of money. A multizone thermostat might also be the best choice for those who are trying to make HVAC zoning system controls more manageable and more convenient. It might also be worth it to start thinking about wireless dampers, sensors, and thermostats, as well.

The right HVAC zoning system can end up saving you 20 to 30% on your energy bills, but it all depends on your specific situation and zoning system. If you live in an area of extreme temperatures, the amount of money that you save with the best HVAC zoning system could end up being even more than that! If you want to learn more, you can reach out to your local experts at Triad Mechanical at our website or call us at 770-415-5738.