You might think that you know all about HVAC systems or understand how to fix things around the house. However, homeowners still might not be aware as to what is an air handler, and what it is supposed to do. Where is the air handler located? Is it that important? An air handler unit usually looks like a large metal box that is connected to a ductwork ventilation system.

Here, we will figure out why an air handler unit is so critical to your HVAC system. An air handler unit helps to regulate air circulation throughout a home or business. Let’s take a closer look as to what is an air handler, and why it is necessary.

Parts of An Air Handler

There are multiple parts to an air handler unit that helps it execute its functions. First, an air handler contains an evaporator coil and a blower motor. It also consists of an air filter and other electrical and electrical components. An air handler unit may also contain a fan, dampers, and an air filter.

The evaporator coil is warm when your home needs warmer air, and the warmth of the coil transfers heat to the air around it. If your home needs cool air, then the coil turns cold and removes humidity from the air around it. This is how an air handler unit is designed to regulate circulation.

Blower Motor Information

The air handler unit contains a blower motor, but what is the point of it? Well, the blower motor is meant to move air to the ductwork, and eventually to the other indoor spaces of your home and business. It is one of the most important parts of the air handler unit.

If you are going to figure out what is air handler, you should also recognize the type of blower motor that you are dealing with. There are single-speed blower motors, for example, and they operate on one speed. These motors are cycled on or off. A blower motor may also operate on multiple speeds, which means that the air handler unit can adjust depending on the demand.

A variable speed motor means that humidity levels can be controlled, and it can help your air handler unit achieve a consistent temperature.

Dealing with the Air Handler Unit

One of the most important things in terms of understanding what an air handler is to recognize that the air handler unit should make sense in terms of size and specifications for your needs. There is also a big difference between those who want to figure out what is air handler for residential purposes and those who need an air handler for commercial purposes. An air handler unit should adhere to ASHRAE standards, as well.

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