Hot summer days have come to an end which also means the work of our AC units are done for the time being. While it is easy just to shut it off and forget about it until next summer, keeping up with maintenance on your unit will keep it in good condition for future warm weather.

Clean Up the Area

You will want to tidy the area surrounding the system anything from trash to leaves and debris. These are all things that could potentially clog up your unit in the future and result in early breakdowns. Keeping it clear from any obstructions will also ensure sufficient air circulation in the future.

Replace Filters

Air filters work best when they are changed out every few months. A dirty filter can cause your AC unit to work harder, eating up more electricity. Changing the filter is an easy task to do each season and helps ensure quality indoor air. Many filters also come with varying degrees of filtration with some having the ability to filter out virus particles.

Clean the Unit

On top of cleaning around the AC unit, you’ll also want to give the unit itself a good cleaning. Go through and check the coils and unclog any debris that you find. You can also go through and vacuum parts of the unit to clear it of dust.

Give Your AC a Check

Go through and give your AC unit a complete once over. Run it like you normally would and pay attention to anything unusual whether it is a weird sound, leaks, or wires that are worn. If you hear anything that resembles hissing or rattling, that is a sign that something is off. Also be sure to pay attention to any smells that aren’t normal.

Schedule Maintenance

The end of summer is the perfect time to schedule another maintenance call and have professionals perform a preventative checkup on your unit to make sure everything is running well and all set for seasons ahead. While they are over, you can also schedule in your furnace tune up at the same time so that you can get everything done at once. Have your AC prepared for the winter while getting a head start on heater maintenance for the colder months ahead.

Partner with a Professional 

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