As you sort through different companies and quotes regarding HVAC maintenance services, you may be curious about what these companies are factoring into the cost. Understanding the type of system you have and the type of service you are needing can provide you insight on where those quotes are getting their numbers from. We’re here to share some factors that affect the cost of HVAC maintenance.

Age of HVAC Unit

The older the unit, the more expensive the maintenance is likely to be. This is because older units run less efficiently and are more likely to break down due to the extensive wear and tear they’ve seen throughout the lifetime. Older units are usually pricier to manage as well because the parts they call for may be very specific and harder to come by.

Time of Year

Many households are reaching for the phone during peak HVAC season to get someone in to look at their unit. Hot summer days and cold winter nights are very common triggers for scheduling an HVAC appointment which makes sense because these are times of the year when we are in need of our AC and heating units the most. As demand increases, you can expect to pay slightly more for repairs than during off seasons.

Size and Complexity of System

All HVAC units come specific to the home or building they are heating and cooling. Systems that are larger or more complex will require more labor and therefore, lead to higher prices. Oftentimes these are commercial systems that have multiple electrical connections and many compressors getting the job done. On the other hand, residential HVAC systems are usually much simpler to manage.

Preventative Maintenance or Repair Maintenance

Regular maintenance checks can prevent expensive and unexpected HVAC repairs. When a HVAC professional is coming in to perform your basic maintenance, they’re coming into a controlled situation that requires less labor, materials, and diagnosing. However, if your system is malfunctioning, a maintenance tech will need to diagnose an unknown problem and make whatever repairs necessary which can end up costing much more than a simple and routine check. These visits also end up being emergency calls in some cases especially when the temperatures are becoming too high or low to bear. This is why having regular tune-ups of your HVAC is a good investment.

Partner with a Professional

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