As the heating season approaches, a critical factor in keeping your home habitable is its heating system, and a furnace is at the heart of that warmth. Ensuring that your furnace runs efficiently is one of the most important things you need to check off the list during winter preparations. Not only will your home stay warm, but your energy bills could improve dramatically.

Do you know that most major manufacturers of furnaces and HVAC systems require yearly regular maintenance tune-ups to keep the warranty valid? By hiring a professional service to tune-up your furnace, you ensure that you keep the warranty activated and minimize the possibility of significant failures and breakdowns during the winter season, which can cost a substantial amount of money.

Triad Mechanical is a reliable, professional HVAC service provider in Georgia, specializing in furnace maintenance and tune-ups. If your furnace has seen better days or you cannot remember the date of its last service, it is time to call Triad Mechanical at (770) 415-5738 and set up a visit.

Furnace Tune-Up Checklist



Once a qualified technician reaches your home or commercial property, a detailed inspection is the first thing on the agenda. The technician will test all of the working parts of the HVAC system, furnace, and ventilation ducts, looking for wear and tear signs.  Any parts due for replacement will be changed as part of the inspection services.  The technician will also check for leaks that could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.


Lubrication is essential to keeping the furnace running and working efficiently. Excess friction causes much wear and tear on the moving parts, shortening their lifespan. Experienced HVAC companies will lubricate all the necessary joints and moving parts during this step.

Pressure Testing

Gas pressure and pilot testing are an integral part of the furnace tune-up. With wear and tear from years of use, a furnace can operate at gas pressure and pilot light levels outside the manufacturer’s norms. During this step, the technician will adjust the pilot light levels and gas pressure levels for the furnace’s optimal performance.

Filters and Disposables

Filter replacement is a mandatory step during furnace tune-ups and a part of the maintenance that most homeowners should be comfortable doing themselves. A dirty air filter significantly decreases the furnace’s performance, leading to increased furnace pressure and bad indoor air quality. Ensure that you change an air filter before every winter season and frequently check its status during the season.

Tune-Up Assessment

Once the technician completes the furnace tune-up, you will receive a written report of all the work done on the furnace, and anything else spotted during the assessment. This statement can help you plan future HVAC service calls and preventive maintenance to improve your furnace’s longevity. Technicians will often provide advice on improving your furnace’s efficiency or when it is time to think about replacing an old furnace. 

Triad Mechanical is a professional HVAC company specializing in furnace maintenance and repairs. If your HVAC system needs a furnace tune-up, call us at (770) 415-5738.