Your AC unit works by removing humidity from the air, which makes the air feel colder. This means that it’s normal to have some water from condensation, but that water should generally only be found around the drain pipe when the AC is functioning properly. However, if you notice an unusual amount of water or an actual leak, you should contact an air conditioning company in Braselton, GA, to diagnose the problem. Here are some of the most common causes.

Excessive Pressure

An AC unit that’s not level after installation can cause pressure buildup, which can result in a leak. This is more likely if your AC has been recently installed. There may be excessive pressure because of closed vents in the house as well. If enough vents are closed to increase the pressure, it can cause your AC to begin to leak.

Condensate Line Problem

Another common cause of leaking is a clogged, damaged, or rusted condensate drainage line. Some systems have a secondary line, so if you notice water draining from the secondary line, you definitely have a clog in the primary drain line.

Broken Condenser Pump

A faulty condenser pump can also cause the AC to leak. AC repair services in Braselton, GA, can determine if the pump is getting power and working correctly.

Dirty Air Filters

Many homeowners are surprised that neglecting a simple maintenance task like changing the air filters can cause a more serious problem like leaking. This occurs when the airflow is blocked and the evaporator coil freezes up. Once it melts, the excess water leaks out because the drain pan can’t handle the additional water. There are additional causes of a frozen evaporator coil, so if you notice frost on the coil, be sure to call an HVAC tech to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Leaking Air

Leaking air can be caused by bad seals, which allows extra hot air to enter and be condensed, resulting in more water collecting under the unit. Fortunately, replacing leaking seals and preventing this air leakage quickly remedies the problem. If you suspect bad seals, call a technician right away because this can cause additional problems for your AC unit and significantly impact efficiency.