You already know that your furnace is part of the system that keeps you warm and comfortable during the colder months of the year. In some parts of the country, it gets cold enough that furnaces are the first line of defense against hypothermia and exposure, especially given the occurrences of polar vortex activity. However, furnaces in every home have safety features that keep everyone healthier during normal operation and protected in case of system failure. Read on to learn more from Triad Mechanical, the experts in heating and air conditioning in Braselton, GA.

Air Filters

Your furnace’s air filter protects you from dust and debris that would otherwise circulate through the ducts of your system and into your home. Dust is an allergen and can trigger asthma. Air filters don’t just protect your health; they also protect your wallet. Dust could cause problems for your furnace and other parts of your HVAC system. Having a clean air filter makes sure that your HVAC system has fewer breakdowns.


If your furnace’s pilot light goes out, a device called a thermocouple will sense a lack of heat and shut the gas off. This protects you from the danger of gas inhalation by eliminating the circulating of gas and eliminating the possibility of explosion.

Pressure, Limit, and Rollout Switches

Pressure switches work when the pressure changes in your furnace. An especially dangerous change, backdrafting, will activate pressure switches and prevent you from breathing in the dangerous exhaust fumes that have recycled through the system.

Limit switches keep your furnace from going above a certain temperature. That temperature is set by the manufacturer and is designed to keep your furnace from overheating. When the furnace reaches the temperature limit, the electricity to it is shut off.

Rollout switches monitor the burner flame. When the burner flame becomes too hot or too high, it can become a fire hazard, so the rollout switch will shut it off. If the rollout switch activates, it’s probably because of a cracked heat exchanger. With the combustion turned off, you’re also protected against carbon monoxide.

Flue Pipe and Blower

Your flue pipe, in combination with a blower, takes the exhaust from your furnace to the outside where it can dilute in the air without much consequence. If the exhaust can’t exit through the flue pipe, it can build up in the pipe and create a backdraft. Worse, it could be released into your home. Exhaust is deadly and could contain flammable gases. As long as your flue pipe is free of debris and in good condition, you’re protected from either of these dangers.

In Good Working Order

By keeping your furnace and HVAC system in good working order, you can be sure that you and your family will be protected from possible problems. More importantly, you’ll be able to count on your furnace to keep you warm during the cold winter months. Having an HVAC professional come to examine, maintain, and repair your HVAC system is an important part of your safety.

When you need a company that does heating and cooling in Braselton, GA, contact Triad Mechanical and schedule an appointment. Then you can rest assured that your furnace will be ready for anything the weather will dish out.