You never forget an air filter change. Your annual to-do list includes scheduling routine HVAC maintenance. Even though you’re diligent about caring for your heating and cooling system, it’s not always enough. Many Duluth homeowners cause damage to their HVAC system without realizing they’re doing anything wrong. Reading today’s post could help reduce your calls for ac repair service in Duluth, GA. Explore what the experts suggest you do to prevent unnecessary damage to your system.

Get to Know Your Thermostat

Who knew something as simple as a thermostat could cause so many problems for an HVAC system? It’s true! When you don’t understand how to set the thermostat correctly, you risk putting excessive strain on the HVAC system. For example, on a scorching hot summer day, most people crave cold indoor air. While the primary function of the AC part of your system is to keep your home comfortable, it’s critical to pay attention to balance. Try setting thermostat as close to the outside temperature as you can without feeling uncomfortable. You’ll consume less energy! What you want to avoid is turning the thermostat on and off throughout the day. Instead of turning the system off, invest in a programmable thermostat. You’ll help prevent damage to your HVAC system. You’ll also waste less energy.

Size Your HVAC System the Right Way

Is your motto the bigger, the better? That might work well when you’re shopping for a new flat screen tv, but it’s not the best practice for sizing HVAC systems. If you install a bigger system than you need based on the size of your home, you could cause frequent on and off cycling of the thermostat. In addition to higher energy bills, constant cycling can damage your HVAC unit. When you install a system that’s too small, you’ll force the HVAC system to work harder than necessary, which puts the system at risk for damage. Let your AC repair company help you choose the correct size system for the size of your home.

Zoned Heating Mistakes

Using zoned heating can help you save money on your energy bills. Zoned heating allows you to choose which part of your home you heat. Turn off the heat to the zones where you’re not spending time and save energy and money. The problem is that zoned heating can only work when your furnace uses zoned heating technology. Some people close heating vents in rooms they don’t use. Instead of saving money, they make the furnace work harder than it should, which can result in more breakdowns.

Dirty and Leaky Ductwork

Hidden behind walls, under floors, and over ceilings lies a system of air ducts. During winter, warm air from the furnace moves through ductwork and heating vents into the rooms in your home. In summer, it’s cool air! If you haven’t recently checked your ductwork for holes and gaps, you should. An HVAC system with leaky ductwork uses more energy. Another issue for ductwork is grime. Dirty ducts become narrow. The grimy buildup prevents efficient airflow. Both of these scenarios put excess strain on the system. Excess usually results in damage to your HVAC components. Many companies that provide AC repair services also offer duct cleaning.

Poor HVAC System Maintenance

Good maintenance practices help you avoid damaging your HVAC system. Regular maintenance ensures your system won’t breakdown during peak usage times. Scheduling annual HVAC maintenance is preventative medicine. Contact us today for AC repair in Duluth, GA. We focus on both preventing damage and taking care of your HVAC system should damage occur.