Controlling the heat distribution in your home is the key to conserving energy. But it’s also important to your goal of controlling energy costs. Zone heating systems allow you to precisely control the temperature in each room in your house. With zone heating, you can send the heat where it needs to go, with no more wasted costs for heating unoccupied rooms. This controlled method of heating saves energy and monthly energy costs and can be purchased through an experienced local company offering heating and AC installation in Duluth, GA.

What is Zone Heating?

Although zone heating is a form of central heating, there are specific differences between the two. Both use a central furnace to heat the air delivered to your home.

The difference is how they deliver the heat. A traditional central heating system controls and delivers heat to the entire house and is controlled by a single thermostat. Zoned heating provides dampers for each supply vent in the home, and is controlled through multiple thermostats or a combination of a thermostat and a sensor.

Additional Benefits of Zoned Heating

Homeowners previously challenged by finding an effective, cost-saving heating system for an older home or a multi-level home will find an improved method of providing heat using a zone system. There is greater control for delivering heat to “cold spots” in the house. With zone heating, you create zones based on your day-to-day life and schedule. Each thermostat can be set to turn on at recurring times of the day and turned off during other times when the room or area is not in use.

Many homes with an existing central heating system can enjoy the benefits of zone heating. Local heating and air conditioning companies can inspect your current system to see if zone heating will work with your HVAC. Smart technology allows you to control your zone system even when you’re not at home, using a mobile device. 

Replacing Your Old HVAC System?

Most HVAC systems last between 15 and 25 years. The length of service life depends on whether or not regular maintenance was performed, and if the filters were replaced as recommended by the manufacturer. If your system has had numerous repairs and is an older system, it will likely save money, in the long run, to replace it rather than to continue costly repairs.

If you’re planning on replacing your method of home heating and air in Duluth, GA, or the surrounding area, contact an experienced company offering heating and air installation to schedule an inspection and an estimate. Companies providing heating and air conditioning repair can also help you determine whether zone heating will work with your current system. For more information about our services, our zone heating systems, and our cost-saving furnace specials, please visit our website.