Modern heating and air conditioning units are highly complex machines with hundreds of working parts. The professionals at Triad Mechanical have been serving the residents and business owners of Georgia since 1991, and no HVAC repair job is too complex for them. HVAC technicians at Triad Mechanical undergo extensive vocational and hands-on training to learn how these systems work, as well as how to repair them. Keep reading to learn more from the experts about how your HVAC unit works to keep you and your family comfortable year round.  

The first and most recognizable part of your HVAC system is the thermostat. The thermostat controls the HVAC unit. A traditional furnace will heat air moving through the system using electricity, but propane, heat pumps, and solar energy are also available as fuel alternatives.

The second major component of your HVAC system is your outdoor unit. A large fan sits in the upper portion of the unit, and its job is to move heat out of the unit and away from the compressor. It converts refrigerant from gas to liquid, cooling it before sending it back into the home to the evaporator coils.

Air moves through the home through a network of ducts usually located in the walls or attic of your home. Ducts are installed to prevent the loss of temperature-controlled air as it moves from the indoor unit to the various rooms in your home. A return vent pulls air out of the home and back to the indoor door. Air is pulled through a filter located in the return vent that removes unwanted dust, dander, and airborne microbes, preventing them from circulating back into your home.

In the event of a system snafu, you should always call in a professional HVAC technician to properly diagnosis and repair your unit. For regular maintenance or emergency repair, contact the experts at Triad Mechanical.