You’re probably used to the ambient noise that your AC makes when it’s on. Every machine has a certain hum to it, and your AC is no different. However, if you notice another sound coming from your AC unit, you may need to call an AC company in Loganville, GA, to look at it. Here are some of the worst sounds that require immediate attention.

Whistling in the Dark

Whistling is usually an indicator of nervousness or joy. In the case of your air conditioner, it should be joy because this is usually caused by closing too many vents in the house. You might not want to cool every room in the house, but forcing too much air to one room can be an issue. With whistling, open some vents and see if that fixes the issue before it creates an actual problem.

Bone Rattling, Teeth Chattering

Rattling and chattering from your AC might drive you crazy, which is appropriate because it can indicate that a screw is loose. Of course, other loose items might cause this type of noise. If debris gets into the AC unit, you can simply clear it out. If it’s the compressor, you need a technician.

Bubbles and Gurgles

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, indeed! Low refrigerant is usually the cause of these kinds of sounds. It causes poor performance and indicates there’s a leak. Having it fixed will save you money on your energy bill while also protecting the environment form the coolant itself. Depending on the age of your AC, you could be looking at an expensive repair or replacement.

Oh, the Humanity!

If your air conditioner is making a really loud noise, you should call an AC company in Loganville, GA, to come look at it. If there isn’t anything wrong with it, you get peace of mind and maybe a quieter unit. If there is something wrong, you get to find out how to fix it, which will also make the home quieter and calm your nerves.