If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your air conditioning in Johns Creek, GA, until something goes wrong. However, regular maintenance activities for your AC and HVAC system are paramount to its running well and not costing you an arm and leg or giving you a headache. Something as simple as changing your AC filter can have amazing benefits for you the system and the environment.

Prevent Damage

An air-conditioner that has a dirty filter has to work harder to do its job. Working harder puts more stress on the machine and can lead to damage and an expensive, inconvenient breakdown.

Protect the Environment

When your AC works harder, it’s using more energy, which is bad enough. However, it is also releasing more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at a greater rate. Having a clean air filter helps your AC become greener, in a good way.

Save Money

Keeping cool shouldn’t mean burning through your cash. However, that’s exactly what’s happening when you’re faced with a hard working AC unit. Not only will it cost you more money over the course of the month it will also cost you more money in repairs later on. Some estimates stand at savings of about 15 percent when your air filter is properly taken care of!

Breathe Easier

Not only will you be able to breathe easier because you aren’t spending as much money you’ll also actually be able to breathe easier, literally. The filter for your air conditioning in Johns Creek, GA, captures allergens and pollutants that would otherwise get into your home’s air and eventually into your lungs. While those pollutants may not affect a healthy adults’ lungs too much, children and the elderly could be devastated by them. Those with asthma may also find their condition aggravated. Would you rather have you AC filter out the allergens, dust, pollen and other debris, or do you want your lungs to do the work?