Bad weather can damage your HVAC system. Issues with your unit may result in a breakdown, and you could be forced to purchase a new unit. With proper HVAC maintenance in Duluth, GA, you can protect your HVAC against extreme weather. Here’s how.

Ramp Up Your Surge Protection

To enhance protection, install a special HVAC surge protector. This will protect against severe surges that result from storms. It also guards against general surges that can cause damages to your unit in the long-run. It’s best to hire an experienced HVAC installation in Duluth, GA to have this installed.

Keep the Area Clear

Furniture, yard tools, and toys should be kept away from your AC unit, especially if a storm is approaching. Strong winds can turn these items into dangerous hazards that cause significant damages to your unit. Additionally, if you have trees in your yard, it’s best to cut down any large branches that could potentially fall onto your unit.

Install a Dry Well

Flooding poses serious threats to your HVAC. It can infest your unit with fungi and bacteria. If you notice that water accrues around your HVAC unit install a dry well nearby. A dry well will help heavy water flows dissolve into the ground rather than accumulating and flowing into your unit.

Turn Your Unit Off

When you are aware of bad weather approaching, a proactive step includes turning off your thermostat. This will help guard your unit against power surges. Power surges can happen due to nearby lightning strikes or when the power is returned after an outage.

Keep Your Unit Off

If an outage occurs, keep your unit off for at least five minutes after the power returns. Doing this will decrease the potential of your unit being damaged by the variations in power when your appliances turn back on. If you’re tech-savvy, time-delayed thermostats can handle this for you.

Cover Your Unit

It’s a good idea to have hail guards installed. The brunt forces from hail can cause significant damage to the fins and the refrigerant coil. Most hail guards have hinges, so an experienced HVAC repair company in Duluth, GA can seamlessly remove them to maintain your unit.

If you’d like to learn more about how to protect your HVAC system from extreme weather or need help implementing these suggestions, give the trusted professionals at Triad Mechanical a call.