Air conditioning models are different for a reason. Each kind of model is different in order to accommodate the needs of another kind of family. Your home might be smaller and only need a basic air conditioning unit, or you might want an air conditioning unit that uses as little energy as possible. So, to help you decide, here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for your next air conditioning system near Stone Mountain.


In some cases, you might find that newer air conditioners will be more energy efficient when compared to your previous air conditioner unit. However, you can still look around for one that’s more energy efficient than its peers. The SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, is one thing that you want to look out for. Unlike the game of golf, you want a higher number when it comes to SEER ratings, allowing the air conditioner to use energy more efficiently.

Know Your Space

How much space you have inside your home directly impacts how your AC unit works. Buying a unit that’s too small for your home will cause the unit to have trouble cooling. On the other hand, having a AC unit that’s too large will end up wasting energy and racking up your bill.

Finding a soft spot involves getting a proper estimate of how much square feet the AC unit will be managing. First, find out how much square feet your house has. Then, go shopping for a new air conditioning unit that covers that amount of space. Lean towards models that cover more area than less to help prevent overheating.

Maintaining the Unit

Besides finding the actual AC unit, finding accompanying maintenance service is also important. Because the people who installed your air conditioner will know how it was installed, they should have a better grasp on how the unit is functioning if they ever need to repair it. They might also have experience with similar models and be able to help you understand what it means to maintain your new air conditioning unit.

However, be sure to note the kind of maintenance they offer for your air conditioning unit. You need more than simply preventive maintenance or emergency repair. You need both. Waiting for an emergency to happen or having someone who is unfamiliar with your particular air conditioning unit are both situations you want to avoid.

Cost and Efficiency

Getting back on the topic of energy efficiency, take into account how much you’ll actually be saving when looking at any potential AC units. Figure out if you’re more concerned about using less energy or spending less money before you settle on buying something. Don’t assume that because one unit has a lower initial cost that you will end up saving money or energy overall.

Always talk to a knowledgeable customer representative about how much energy a given AC unit will use. You may find that investing in a better model will use less energy overall and potentially cost less to run. Also, take maintenance costs into account.

With these tips in mind, locating the best air conditioning system in Stone Mountain should be a lot easier. Get in contact with Triad Mechanical today for more information!