Are you considering upgrading your HVAC system in Loganville, GA, and buying a heat pump? If you’re looking at installing a new heat pump, you have several options. Each of the different types come in various sizes, have different energy-efficiency standards, and even different installation requirements. Keep reading to learn more about buying a new heat pump.

Types of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are available in 3 types that include split ductless, air source, and geothermal. Below is a brief description of each type and how they work.

  • Split ductless heat pumps: This kind of heat pump has two parts. There’s the indoor air handle part of the pump and the outdoor compressor. When split ductless heat pumps are installed, the indoor unit is generally installed on the ceiling and the heat is dispersed to rooms in the home via multiple air handles using a remote control. If you have a large home, this type of system is ideal for making sure all rooms are evenly heated. It’s also ideal for homes that don’t have existing ductwork.
  • Air source heat pumps: This kind of heat pump is ideal for all kinds of homes regardless of size or shape. It’s also one of the most common types of residential HVAC systems in Loganville, GA, regarding heat pumps. Heat pumps work like a central HVAC system by distributing heat via ductwork through the entire home using a single air handler.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: These heat pumps create heat using a water solution that moves through a series of pipes buried underground. If you’re considering HVAC replacement in Loganville, GA, a geothermal heat pump may not be the best option. This kind of heating solution works better with new construction homes because of the amount of work it takes to install the pipes. It would take too much time and money to install a geothermal system under an existing home.

Choosing the Right Heat Pump for Your Home

When it comes time to choose a heat pump, it’s important to take into consideration your heating needs and your budget. Like traditional air conditioners and furnaces, it’s also important that you choose the right size for your home. If you install a pump that is too small, you won’t achieve optimal heating. Also, installing a heat pump that’s too big for the house minimizes the energy efficiency of this product.

When deciding what type of heat pump to buy, it’s also important to consider the cost of HVAC system repair in Loganville, GA. Homeowners who operate their systems according to manufacturer recommendations get many years of uninterrupted usage with very little need for system repair. Still, sometimes newer systems cost more to repair because of the tools, expertise, and parts needed to fix the problems. Check with your HVAC specialist to learn more about the repair costs associated with residential heat pumps.

About Heat Pump Installation

Are you ready to make the switch? If so, make sure to contact the right company for this type of HVAC service in Loganville, GA. Not all HVAC installers know how to install heat pumps. Hiring the wrong company for this job wastes money and could possibly damage your home heating system. For expert installation, contact Triad Mechanical today!