Deciding on the correct air conditioning or HVAC system is critical to making sure that your home is adequately heated and cooled all year long. What you choose will affect everything from price to efficiency to effectiveness to difficulty of the air conditioning installation in Auburn, GA. Making the right choice is as much a process of understanding the pros and cons of each system as it is determining your price threshold.


These systems cool and heat every room that has a connected vent to the HVAC ductwork. The system cycles as temperatures internally require and room temperatures are generally consistent. The cons are the cost of ductwork, air conditioning repair in Auburn, GA, and there’s no room to room temperature adjustment. Also, HVAC units are pricey, but they will last a long time if maintained properly.

Window Unit

Window units allow for room by room temperature adjustment and to shut off units if a room is unoccupied. They’re affordable but power costs become a factor during peak operation months. They are easy to install and any air conditioning service in Auburn, GA, is fairly easy. The largest drawback is the BTU requirements; to adequately cover a moderate sized house requires several units, which make the initial cost pricier but also escalate the power costs significantly.

Portable Units

Portable units are mobile and light enough, just about anyone can wheel them around. They’re affordable and come in a range of BTUs. The cons are that they have to be drained individually or each condensation tank removed and emptied. They also can be difficult to move if they are on thick carpet. A lot of units are required to adequately maintain a home and they generally have a lower energy efficiency rating, meaning greater power costs.

Ductless or Minisplit

Generally, ductless air conditioning systems are less expensive to install and cause less disruption to everyday life than an HVAC system. The ductwork needed can be kept to a minimum depending on the unit selected. It is remotely controlled and comes with a fairly high energy efficiency rating. Cons are that the BTUs available run high and one BTU system with an inverter box may not be enough for a 2.4K home. They must be professionally installed because of the refrigeration and power requirements.

If you’re looking for air conditioning installation in Auburn, GA, you must first understand what it is you need. Understanding the pros and cons of each system will ensure you get a system that heats and cools and costs about what you expected.