There are few things more important to life than clean air. Sure, clean water is vital, but people can go about 3 days without any water at all; 12 minutes without air, and it’s all over for almost everyone! For better or worse, people have evolved to be able to breathe less than the best in clean air. However, no one has evolved to the point of being able to ignore the health effects of poor air quality forever. It’s recommended everyone install an air purifier at home.

Breathe Easier

As an adult, car fumes and pollution may seem to have little effect on you. Your body has a mass through which those pollutants can be distributed, and in most cases, eventually eliminated. That doesn’t mean you’re not affected. When air quality goes down, heart attacks and strokes, as well as breathing emergencies, go up. For children, it’s worse, there small mass to air ration makes them more susceptible to the damaging impacts of poor air quality from asthma and allergies to other health problems, clean air will help you and your children breathe easier.

Exhaling Deeply

When you exhale, your body is expelling carbon dioxide, water, and any contaminants it can. Every time you breathe out, you could be releasing harmful pollution back into the air. Indeed, you should be. That’s what your body is supposed to do. However, you don’t want to breathe that back in. Using an air purifier can help eliminate those toxins. Throw some plants into the mix, and your home will be a haven of sweet-smelling air that’s healthier than what’s outside.

Fortunately, air purifiers are easy to get. Many HVAC contractors in Athens, GA, will be happy to install an air purifier for you. Just choose one with a good reputation that has a history of installing professional grade, HEPA-rated air purifiers, so that you can get a system that will work best for your space and environment.