Your AC can’t deliver cold air throughout your home without its duct system. However, your ductwork can become more of a hindrance than a help when it’s damaged and not working properly. Here are some of the effects of damaged ducts on your AC and how you can prevent problems from damaged ductwork.

Causes of Duct Damage

One of the most common reasons the ducts become damaged and stop moving air effectively is because they were the wrong size from the start. The ducts must be matched to the heating and cooling system to ensure the airflow is optimal. An inexperienced HVAC technician or someone installing the ducts as a DIY job might install ducts that are too large or too small. That’s why it’s important to hire a quality air conditioning company in Dacula, GA, to install or clean your ducts. Another cause of duct damage is improper cleaning, rodents, construction, or insufficient insulation. These problems all make it more difficult for your HVAC system to run smoothly, which can cause several problems for your home and your AC unit.

Air Loss

One of the biggest problems with damaged ducts is that you’ll have numerous airflow problems. If the ducts are too large, the pressure won’t be right, and you’ll have difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home, even when the AC runs frequently. The temperature won’t be consistent throughout the home because the air can’t get to all the registers. Another problem with damaged ducts is the loss of air because of leaks. Leaks can be due to actual physical damage or improper installation. When your ducts have an airflow problem, you’ll notice that the system runs more loudly than it should.

Wasted Energy

One of the big problems with lost air in your ductwork is that you’ll also lose efficiency. The system will be forced to run more often because it will have difficulty maintaining the temperature set on the thermostat. Your AC or furnace will be forced to run for a longer period, or it will cycle more frequently, costing you significantly on your energy bill. Inadequate insulation can also cause this because of added heat transfer through the ducts.

Wear and Tear

Poor efficiency isn’t only bad for your comfort level and energy bill. It’s also hard on your actual AC or furnace. When your system has to work harder to cool or heat your home because of damaged ducts, extra stress and wear and tear will degrade components much faster than normal. The mechanical components like the belts, motors, and compressors will wear out prematurely. You’ll find you need AC repair in Dacula, GA, frequently and may even need to replace your system too soon.

Moisture Problems

Duct damage can also cause moisture problems in your home. Insufficient insulation or serious leaks can allow condensation to form inside the ducts, eventually causing moisture issues like mold and mildew.

Preventing Duct Damage

The best way to prevent damage to your ducts is to have them regularly cleaned and inspected so the technicians can look for leaks or other problems. Proper insulation is important for avoiding many issues as well. Make sure only qualified HVAC technicians work on or around your ducts to prevent physical damage, as well. Contact Triad Mechanical today to learn more about proper duct care.