When was the last time you had your AC serviced? If you’re like a lot of Americans, the answer is probably, “A long time ago.” Sadly, with our busy lives and schedules, many of us homeowners forget that the HVAC will not keep running without a hitch forever. The reality is quite different. ACs don’t work on auto-pilot, and should be serviced annually — ideally in the spring — in order to operate at peak performance. Here are a few of the problems you’re likely to experience if you’re not scheduling regular AC repair service in Johns Creek, GA.

Energy Bills Go Up

If you don’t have your AC periodically inspected by an expert, you might not notice anything wrong with your AC unit until your energy bill arrives. Air conditioners need to be cleaned and kept up at all times to prevent air filters, vents, compressors, and coils from becoming dirty. If any of these elements aren’t in their best condition, airflow can be impacted, meaning your HVAC has to work harder than usual to maintain the desired temperature. As the summer heats up — and demand becomes greater — you’re likely to see a significant spike in your electric bill.

Your Comfort Will Be Compromised

The main reason you need to have a working HVAC is to keep your home as comfortable at all times. In the summer, in particular, if your air conditioner isn’t in top-notch condition, you’ll notice you’re never as cool as you’d like to be. Also, air conditioners remove moisture from the air when they’re working properly, so even if you don’t feel too hot, if your AC unit isn’t getting the service it requires, you’ll start to feel muggy. It’s bad enough when it’s humid outside, and that’s the last feeling you want to experience within your own home. While you might be conscientious enough to switch out the filter every couple months, an expert technician will be able to catch other problems — such as a worn-out belt, or a small refrigerant leak — that you’re unlikely to see. These are precisely the kinds of problems that can impede your AC’s performance.

our AC May Break Down

The most terrifying possibility during a heatwave is your AC unit failing to function completely. Having a professional in air conditioning repair in Johns Creek, GA, regularly visit your home to keep an eye out for problems before they occur is the only way to ensure your HVAC won’t go down whenever you need it most.

When you consider the amount of time and expense associated with repairing a broken air conditioner, the fact that problems like these can be avoided by simply making a phone call in advance makes the choice clear. To prevent discomfort in your home, or a total breakdown in your system, contact us at Triad Mechanical. We’re experts at AC repair and maintenance in St. Johns, and we’ll see to it that you’ve got everything up and running all year long. Call us at (770) 682-0075 to schedule an appointment. Don’t put your AC at risk any longer by putting it off. Call us today!