Although it’s unlikely that both your furnace and AC break down at the same time, it may be worth it to consider the benefits of replacing them both when one or the other starts to malfunction. While replacement costs are high enough as it is, doing two replacement jobs will always cost more than doing one. If you haven’t replaced either in about a decade, keep in mind that the lifespan of a modern furnace is roughly 20 years, if it’s well taken care of. Your AC, on the other hand, will max out at around 15 years old. Since the lifespans are different, most households require a new air conditioner before they require a new furnace. Scheduling repairs or new installation for your HVAC system in Dacula, GA, can be a hassle during the busy season, so make sure that you take care of this issue ahead of time.

How Old Technology Functions with New Equipment 

No matter how well it was made, a piece of equipment that’s 20 years old will never perform as well as something that was made recently. Just because it’s compatible doesn’t mean you should use it. Energy efficiency is a great example of how old equipment can bring down the performance of something new. Homeowners who choose to save money by replacing only certain parts instead of both usually lose those saving in the long run because of higher utility costs and frequent maintenance visits. Since your central AC system shares an air handler with your furnace, leaving older equipment anywhere in the mix will effectively lower the performance of every other piece.  

Dealing with Unnecessary Repairs 

Sure, maybe your furnace still has a few years left in it, if you keep up with maintenance. The problem is, older units require frequent maintenance visits. As parts age, they wear down, and one faulty part can cause issues in other areas of the system. Whatever money you think you saved on avoiding a replacement, will slowly be wasted on additional maintenance visits. The worst part is that in a few years, that furnace will have to be replaced anyway. Another issue with older units is they’re more difficult to work with. New AC and furnace designs aren’t just about improving efficiency but making them easier to work with as well. Since technicians charge by the hour, the less time they spend working on your AC or furnace, the less money that maintenance visits will cost. 

Issues with Warranties 

You’ve probably dealt with warranty issues that have to do with combining new and used parts. Most companies won’t honor warranties if you decide to combine a new piece of equipment with an old one. This is because they don’t know what kind of condition the older piece is in. In many cases, an older piece which begins to malfunction can cause the newer piece to break. Replacing both the furnace and AC unit together will help you avoid this issue, and since HVAC replacement in Dacula, GA, is never cheap, taking full advantage of your warranty is highly recommended.

Dealing with Other Issues

Just the thought of having your warranty go void because of an older system component should be enough to make you think twice. However, if that’s not enough, perhaps you should speak to the pros at Triad Mechanical about your HVAC system in Dacula, GA. Replacing your furnace and AC units is a long-term investment, and sometimes the initial installation costs can overshadow all the money you save in the long run.