Believe it or not, your air conditioning system can account for as much as 12% of your total energy usage and up to 70% of your electricity bills during the summer months. On top of that, we all know that heating and cooling are among the major expenses for US families, which is why air conditioner efficiency is important.

Some of the common signs that your AC unit is not operating as it should include:

  • Increased costs
  • Frequent cycling
  • Ice buildup on its compressor
  • Weird sounds

Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency in 6 Ways

How can you improve air conditioner efficiency in your home and make sure that it costs you less over the course of a year?

 Read our tips below.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

Despite what many people believe, having the doors and windows open won’t improve your air conditioner efficiency.

 If you want to air out the rooms of your house, then do that before turning the AC unit on. Another thing to keep in mind is that leaks in your windows or under your doors will also lower your air conditioner efficiency.

Clean Out the Outdoor Unit

The amount of cooling generated from the outdoor unit is substantial, but it won’t function well if it is full of debris.

Your outdoor unit has a condenser, which needs to be clean and free from dirt or buildup. It might also be a good idea to protect it from the sun, but do that without obstructing its airflow. If you require professional cleaning of your AC for maximum energy savings, you can always hire a professional. Regularly scheduled HVAC service can keep your unit running smoothly year-round.

Clean The Debris from Your Vents

Similar to the outdoor unit, your vents – which are usually on the ceiling or the floor – need to be free from debris to function well. Frequent vacuuming is essential for working vents, especially if they are near places where your pets hang out or where dust accumulates.

Isolate Your Thermostat from Any Heat-Generating Appliances

The location of your thermostat is another big factor for optimal air conditioner efficiency. For example, if it is next to a heat-generating part like a sunny window or a major appliance, it may not be as efficient as it should be.

Certified HVAC professionals know this, which is why most of them avoid placing the thermostat near heat-producing appliances or high-heat areas.

Consider a More Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Investing in an AC unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) can help you improve air conditioning efficiency.

The higher the SEER is, the more efficient your unit will be. There is no single answer to what a good SEER ratio means, but anything over 14 is great and can reduce your cooling costs.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Regularly Serviced

Lastly, every homeowner should keep their air conditioner regularly serviced.

In addition to changing the AC filter and cleaning out the system to ensure optimal airflow, you should always have a reliable professional you trust for regular HVAC service and maintenance.

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