You rely on your air-conditioning system in Duluth, GA, to keep you cool during the summer, but what should you do when your system isn’t doing its job? It can be difficult to know if heating and air-conditioning repair is the right route or if it’s time to replace your AC unit. Fortunately, there are numerous factors you can consider to help you know if this summer is the right time to replace your unit. Here’s what you need to think about when making this decision.

Overall Age

The overall age of your AC unit isn’t the only factor you should consider when deciding whether to repair or replace your unit. However, it’s important to note that most units last 10 to 15 years. Many units can last far longer than this with proper maintenance. If your unit is at least this old, chances are you’ll start seeing other signs that the AC needs to be replaced.

Warmer Air

Warm air coming from your AC is an obvious sign that something is wrong and that you need either repairs or replacement. Sometimes a minor repair can fix the problem, but in other cases, you may feel cold air coming from the vents, but you still feel uncomfortable much of the time. Some homeowners feel cold air, but when they check the thermostat, they find that the AC is unable to keep up with the cooling demand, which means the AC will run more frequently without increasing your comfort.

Weak Airflow

In addition to having trouble removing heat from the air to deliver cold air throughout your home, an AC unit that’s nearing the end of its life span will have weak airflow as well. In some cases, you may just need adjustments to improve airflow and circulation, but consistently weak airflow could signal a bigger problem that’s probably not worth the cost to repair. In this case, investing in a new unit is the better option.

Strange Sounds and Smells

Pay attention to any change in sound or smell when your AC unit is running. For the most part, you shouldn’t hear much when your AC runs, but when there’s a problem, you’ll typically hear loud sounds. These include clanking, grinding, squealing, or chattering sounds. If you hear any of these sounds, be sure to call an HVAC company to determine the source of the sound and whether or not a repair can help. Burning or moldy smells are something to be concerned about as well.

Higher Energy Bills

It’s also important to compare your energy bills when considering purchasing a new AC. You may notice that the bills have steadily been creeping up over the years without any change to your temperature settings. Some people notice a sudden spike in their energy usage instead. Either of these increases is something to be concerned about because it means that your system is losing efficiency. Lower efficiency not only means higher energy bills, but it means your AC is working harder and sustaining more wear and tear as a result.

More Frequent Repairs

If you’re constantly in need of AC repairs and the cost of the repairs is steadily increasing as well, you should consider HVAC replacement in Duluth, GA. This is especially true if your AC is old because, as it ages, the repairs tend to snowball. To learn about AC replacement options, contact Triad Mechanical today.