Waking up to a frigid house during a cold spell creates a feeling like no other. It’s part dread, part wondering, and part irritation that of all the times to go on the fritz, your HVAC system chose now. Before your HVAC system gets to that point, here are a few warning signs.

Sporadic Performance

It’s rare for a system to just suddenly shut down for good. Usually, a heating system will falter, or start hard. If the system is very old, it can require special attention, including emergency HVAC in Duluth, GA, and eventually, replacement. If your HVAC system has a hard time starting or staying running, it’s time to at least look at a thorough inspection and possible replacement.

Monsters Are Living Inside It

Any system that has a furnace, fans, ductwork, and air blowing through it will make sounds. Those sounds can be groans, pops, shudders, even “sighs.” That’s normal. If, however, your system sounds like the ghost of Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol is living in it, you have some major issues to worry about. When it sounds like that, you need to start looking at emergency HVAC companies in Duluth, GA, as soon as you can.

It Only Pushes out Cool Air

When your system is running in heat mode and all you feel is cool air, there’s something wrong. This could be a heating element issue, a blocked vent or even an issue with the way the air is distributed throughout your home. At least, you should have your system inspected as if you ignore that issue, it can grow into a much more serious crisis, including posing a fire hazard if a blockage becomes dried out and combustible.

It Heats Unevenly

Uneven heating is difficult to gauge until lit becomes acute, but when it does, it’s fairly obvious. The system will seem like it’s working and heat will be distributed, but one room will be hot and another will seem like it was not heated at all. This is particularly a risk if you’re dealing with freezing weather as if the unheated room has water pipes, they can freeze and burst, causing a much larger problem.

A failing or failed HVAC system is a major aggravation and if left untreated, can mean much more than a chilly morning. Being aware of the signs of a struggling system, though, can ensure you get your system treated by a 24-hour HVAC repair in Duluth, GA,before it becomes an issue.