Central air is typically the standard in homes being built today, and it has been for quite some time. However, it’s possible for those living in older homes to benefit from a similar type of air conditioning system as well. Remodeling a home is a perfect time to upgrade your AC system even if you don’t have the ability to retrofit your home with ducts. Here’s what you need to know about ductless air conditioning in Monroe, GA, and why you should consider them when remodeling.

Ductless System Basics

 Ductless systems are often called mini-split systems. Unlike central air systems that use an outdoor condensing unit and one indoor air handler that delivers the cool air throughout the home via ducts, a mini-split system uses multiple air handlers or blowers that are installed in different areas of the home. These air handlers are often placed in each room. The cooling process works in a similar way with the refrigerant picking up heat in the air and moving it outside, but the refrigerant lines in mini-split systems are connected directly to each other, and each system is controlled by its own thermostat. There are many reasons why installing this type of system is a great option when remodeling a home.

No Need for Ducts

One of the biggest obstacles in retrofitting a home for central air is that there’s simply no room to install ducts. Fortunately, with ductless systems, you won’t have to install any ductwork, and you can have more effective and efficient heating than what’s provided by window units. This can save a substantial amount of money on installation costs. The interior of your home will be disturbed far less when foregoing the duct installation, so there’s less disruption to your regular routine when installing this type of AC system.

Adding on to Homes

Even if your home currently has a system equipped with air ducts, adding on to your home during a remodel can significantly complicate matters. In this situation, adding a ductless system to the addition alone will save you from the hassle and expense of extending existing ductwork to the addition. In some cases, it may not be ideal for adding to the existing HVAC system anyway because your current unit may be unable to handle the cooling load when the addition is included. Adding a mini-split system to an addition requires less space than tying in an existing ductwork system.

Addressing Uneven Cooling

If you’ve been experiencing uneven cooling in your home, a ductless system might be beneficial rather than investing in a larger AC unit. Some factors like orientation and surrounding vegetation might make it difficult for certain rooms to stay as cool as the other areas of your house, so a ductless system for that room can help solve uneven cooling once and for all. Ductless systems are also a great way to create more options for zoning in case you regularly need one area or room in the house cooler than other areas. You can keep one room cooler without needlessly lowering the temperature of the rest of your home.

Health Advantages

 If you have people in your home that suffer from respiratory issues from asthma or allergies, you may want to consider a ductless system for their benefit. Ductless systems have fewer contaminants such as dust and pollen circulating through the home, and the ducts themselves can harbor allergens as well. To learn more about ductless air conditioning in installation in Monroe, GA, call Triad Mechanical today.