There are plenty of misinformation surrounding your home’s HVAC system from how to take care of it to tactics that will save you money. Many of us aren’t too familiar with the exact ins and outs of our HVAC system. This is why we’re here to clear up any misconceptions and give you the facts about HVAC maintenance.

Filters Only Need Changing Once a Year

The purpose of the filter in our HVAC units is to keep dust, dirt, grime, and any other pollutants from getting through. If you’re running your unit every day such as over the summer when it is hot or in the winters when it’s cold, a lot can collect over the span of a year. A dirty filter can impede airflow and cause your system to work harder. This is why you want to keep an eye on your filter and change it every few months.

If There’s Nothing Wrong, Leave It Alone

Consistent maintenance checks should still be scheduled even if it seems like your HVAC is working well. There are so many components to an HVAC that can get dirty or malfunction throughout the year. It’s important to have a professional come in and check it so that your system can last longer.

Closing Vents in Rooms You Aren’t in Can Help Save Money

It isn’t recommended to ever close off any vents. While this might seem like it makes sense since you’re forcing the air to reroute to rooms you are using. However, this doesn’t work well for the system and doesn’t help save any money. Closing off vents can cause a pressure buildup in your home leading to more problems than solutions.

I Can Use Duct Tape to Seal Off Any Leaks

It is not as convenient as it sounds. Duct tape should not be used to seal off air duct leaks. It’s better to use aluminum foil tape or a mastic sealant if you need to patch something up temporarily. Then, once you’ve got the quick fix in place, make sure to reach out to a professional to get it completely sealed.

Energy Efficient Systems Will Fix All My Problems.

These are great options for those looking to reduce bills and be more energy efficient. However, it isn’t just the system alone that will do the job. You have to schedule regular checks to make sure it is still functioning at its highest ability, and you also need to make sure your home is well managed. A drafty house using an energy efficient system won’t get you too far.

It’s Easy to Fix an HVAC

Unless you have extensive experience with HVAC systems, we recommend leaving any repairs to the professionals. These are expensive investments that need specialized care. Oftentimes, people think it is as easy as buying a part yourself and switching it out. This can be risky and can lead to more expensive service to correct what’s been done. It can even be dangerous in some situations depending on the part you are trying to fix.

Partner with a Professional

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