What’s the best way to ensure that your HVAC system keeps running smoothly? Well, it does take a certain amount of cleaning and maintenance. You cannot expect your HVAC system to work efficiently if you aren’t consistently cleaning your ducts. However, what if you aren’t exactly clear on how does duct cleaning work?

Many people believe that they know the answer to “what is duct cleaning”, but they might still have some misconceptions about what it entails. Let’s explore all of the common duct cleaning myths and get to the bottom of the best way to start cleaning your ducts.

They Don’t Get Dirty


Some homeowners may tell you that cleaning air ducts is a waste of time. It’s important to note that they are completely wrong in this respect. Air ducts absolutely get dirty. Keeping them clean is important if you are serious about making sure that your HVAC system lasts for years.

Some individuals believe that duct cleaning is just a “myth” to pay cleaning companies money. This isn’t true. Air ducts collect pollen, dust, and dirt, and they can get very dirty as a result.

Duct Cleaning Has to Be Toxic

Some people may understand what is duct cleaning, but remain hesitant to contact professionals because they heard that they might use toxic chemicals to clean the ducts. There are some companies that might use harsh chemicals when it comes to cleaning ducts, but this no longer has to be the case.

If you want to learn about how does duct cleaning work, you should recognize that there are countless professionals that now turn to non-chemical alternatives for cleaning ducts. Chemicals are not necessary for duct cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Doesn’t Affect Health

This is one of the most dangerous myths about what is duct cleaning, and it is completely wrong. The air that you breathe is constantly affecting your health. If the air that you are breathing is consistently filled with dust, dirt, allergens, and pollen, it will certainly take a toll on your health.

Does this mean that you will immediately feel its effects? Not necessarily. However, if you don’t care about how does duct cleaning work, you may find that the air quality causes dizziness, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, and headaches. This is a myth that any medical professional can clarify for you.

I Can Do It Myself

There’s nothing wrong with being a DIY expert, and technology also has many of us feeling like we can tackle all of our household problems by ourselves. However, understanding what is duct cleaning is about more than just watching several YouTube tutorials and being up to the challenge. You may even end up making the air quality worse than before.

You might be interested in understanding what is duct cleaning, but the best move is to hire a professional that knows what they are doing. Your HVAC system and venting systems might be complex and there’s a good chance that it might require experience and expertise that you do not have. For help, you can reach out to your local experts at Triad Mechanical at our website or call us at 770-415-5738.