Are you getting a new air conditioner this year? This is a large investment in your home and one that is essential to ensuring your family’s comfort throughout the summer. So, it’s important to ensure that your new AC unit is properly installed. Before you start replacing your old air conditioner, read this blog to ensure that you don’t make some of these common mistakes.

Trying to Do It Yourself

and foremost, you should never attempt to install a new air conditioning unit yourself. As we’ve already stated, this is a big investment, and it’s not one that you want to risk damaging during the installation process. It’s best to hire an air conditioning company in Alpharetta to do this for you. They’ll ensure it’s done properly and that everything is working at optimum efficiency.

Getting the Wrong Size

You wouldn’t buy a pair of jeans without knowing your pant size, would you? Then you should never buy an air conditioner without knowing what size you need either. Air conditioners come in different sizes to properly cool differently sized homes. If you get an air conditioner that’s too small, it’ll have to work much harder to cool your home down, which will cause it to break down much sooner; and it may not even get your home completely cooled either. An air conditioner that’s too large will just cost you a lot more than you needed to spend on a unit to cool your home.

If you’re hiring someone to install the AC for you (and we really hope you are), the technician can tell you what size you currently have, and if you need the same size or a different one. If you prefer to purchase the unit yourself instead of buying it from your installer, it is still usually best to have a technician come out first to let you know the proper size. Then, you can buy your unit, have it delivered, and schedule the installation.

Waiting for a Total Breakdown

Yes, a new air conditioner is going to cost you several thousand dollars, in most cases. So, it’s normal for people to want to put it off for as long as possible. But waiting until your old AC completely burns out is a mistake. Not only does it mean that you could be without an air conditioner for several days, but your old, overworked AC is also going to be costing you more in utility bills. If your current unit is old and giving you problems, it’s probably best to consider a replacement before your AC burns out completely. In the long run, it could actually save you money.

Not Planning Ahead

This mistake usually accompanies the desire to wait for your current AC to completely burn out. Odds are, you know when your air conditioner is near the end of its life, so it’s important to plan for this ahead of time. Start saving for the cost, and plan to get it replaced before it gets too hot. That way, you can get on the installer’s schedule early on, your family won’t be left sweating during the summer, and you can better bear the expense.

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