Summer is nearly here! Though it brings with it many great things, summertime is synonymous with high energy bills. But running your AC all season long doesn’t have to bankrupt you. By helping your AC unit operate more efficiently, you can save more and use less energy. Keep reading to learn how you can get the most from your air conditioner and keep more money in your pocket for summer fun.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Not only do they make day-to-day life more convenient, but they also help to reduce cooling costs and allow you to make the most of your AC. Set your new thermostat to a higher temperature when you are out of the house. Then, set it to begin cooling your home about 30 minutes before you arrive after work or school. This will ensure your home is comfortable when you are there, and you won’t be wasting energy when you’re out. Using a programmable thermostat effectively can help you save up to ten percent on your heating and cooling costs every year.


Set the Thermostat Higher

To get the most from your AC and lower your expenses, try to set your thermostat as high as you can comfortably stand it. The goal is to keep the temperature difference between the inside and the outside as low as possible. Also, don’t set your thermostat to a colder temperature when you first turn it on and raise it later. This won’t make your home cool down any faster and may, in fact, cost more in the end.

Clean the Air Filter

Every few months, clean or replace your air conditioner’s air filter. When the filter is clogged with dust and debris, the AC must work harder to send cool air into your home. This increases your energy consumption and associated costs. According to the Department of Energy, using a clean air filter can lower cooling prices by between five and 15 percent. Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual to determine how often you must clean the filter.

Put Your AC in the Shade

Many homeowners don’t realize that by providing shade for your AC, you can keep it cool and lower your energy bills. If your AC is out in the sun, it will overheat and will have to work harder to keep your home cold. But, if your air conditioner is in the shade, you can lower the temperature in the area by up to nine degrees, helping the unit to operate more efficiently. Shading your AC is much easier to manage during air conditioning installation in Duluth, GA. Place it in a shady spot like under an awning, porch, or tree. If your air conditioner is already in place, purchase an AC cover to offer some much-needed shade.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Late spring is the best time of the year to schedule an air conditioner inspection. The AC technician will check out the unit, find any issues, and repair them. This is crucial to take care of before the busy season hits, so you can be sure your AC works correctly throughout the summer without issue. Contact us at Triad Mechanical to schedule an air conditioner inspection or to handle any of your AC needs.