If you have an HVAC unit in your home, then you’ve probably been told that you should regularly change your HVAC filter. However, you may not know how often you should do it or why you should do it. In a typical home, you should change it every 90 days, but if you have pets or if someone in the home has allergies, it should be every month or so, depending on your needs. A company that services HVAC in Stone Mountain, GA, can help you figure out what’s right for your home and family. As for why you should change your filter, it is because there are several serious problems that can crop up if you don’t.

Poor Air Quality

If you search for any “HVAC company near me in Stone Mountain, GA,” you’ll find out about how the air quality can deteriorate if your HVAC is using dirty filters. A dirty filter won’t stop all the dirt and debris that it needs to, which can play havoc with your allergies, trigger asthma, or cause other respiratory difficulties. This is especially true when you spend a lot of time indoors with the doors and windows shut.

HVAC Damage

Even when you have a dirty filter, the HVAC unit is still trying to work and do its best to circulate air through your home. If your filter is dirty, that makes its job harder, and it puts undue strain on the system. HVAC companies in Stone Mountain, GA, can tell you how this work can overheat the motor or even cause it to break down or how it can freeze your evaporator coils in the summer. This damage will likely need repairs at some point, and it might even mean you’ll have to replace the unit itself sooner.

Increased Costs

Besides the fact that you’ll potentially be shelling out the costs of repairs to your HVAC in Stone Mountain, GA, a dirty filter means you’ll be paying more on your energy bills. As the unit works harder to get the air through a dirty filter, it uses more energy, and that makes your costs go up. It’s far cheaper in the long run to just replace it as needed.