When your AC goes out without warning, you need AC repair contractors you can trust to fix the issue right away and restore your comfort. You may find it valuable to learn about the most common problems that can arise with your AC unit. That way, you can find quick solutions and prevent breakdowns. Watch out for these common AC problems.

A Clogged/Dirty Filter

Over time, your AC filter will get clogged with dirt and debris. A clogged or dirty filter reduces airflow into your unit, preventing it from working as it should. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions regarding how often to change your air filter.

Refrigerant Leaks

When coolant starts leaking in your AC, the unit will perform poorly, and you’ll likely experience fluctuating temperatures. Your AC may also be low on refrigerant if the HVAC contractor undercharged it at installation. Remember that your AC works best when the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s specification.

If your AC leaks refrigerant, turn it off and call a professional immediately. Low refrigerant levels can severely damage your unit’s compressor, one of the costliest parts of your AC to replace.


Thermostat Issues

The thermostat controls the temperature setting in your home. If your unit turns on and off repeatedly, the problem could be a miscalibrated thermostat. An easy fix includes ensuring the thermostat is:

  • Turned on
  • Clean
  • Not affected by sunlight
  • Level
  • On the correct setting

Sometimes simply changing the batteries could also solve the issue. If the problem persists, seek professional help.

Electric Control Failure

When your AC turns on and off frequently (short cycling), common in oversized systems, the compressor and fan controls can wear out. Because corrosion of wires and terminals also commonly occurs with many systems, you should schedule regular HVAC service calls. During a maintenance inspection, a professional will check the integrity of electrical connections and contacts.

Sensor Issues

Room air conditioners feature a thermostat sensor that measures the air coming into the evaporator coil. The sensor should be near the coil but shouldn’t touch it. If the sensor gets knocked out of position, you could experience frequent cycling and erratic behavior from your AC. You can adjust the position of the sensor (usually located behind the control panel) by carefully bending the wire that holds it in place.

Drainage Problems

Like the air filter, the condensate drain line can become clogged with dirt, dust, and lint. If the drain line becomes clogged, water will leak out of the unit, fill up the drain pan, overflow, and potentially cause damage to your system or surrounding items.

Fortunately, regular maintenance checks can detect most of the issues mentioned above, and a certified technician will restore your cooling system to proper functionality.

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