When it’s hot outside, you need your HVAC in Stone Mountain, GA, to work properly to survive the summer swelter. If you’re starting to wonder if your AC is working as well as it should, there are some things you can watch to make sure it’s working properly. Here’s what you need to know.

Cooling Ability

Of course, if your AC is working properly, you probably won’t question it because you’ll feel like your home is being adequately cooled. If, however, you feel like your AC isn’t cooling quite as it should, there’s a test you can do yourself before calling an AC company about repairs. Once it’s hot outside, set the thermostat to the desired temperature and once it’s reached it place a refrigerator thermometer in an AC duct. After 10 minutes, record the temperature and then get a reading from the return air duct. Subtract the first number from the second to get a temperature differential. This should be at least 14, but if it’s less, you may need some repair.

Air Filter

Another factor that impacts how well your AC works is the air filter. You should be replacing it regularly, every month or two, but it’s a good idea to check it more frequently than this to check on its condition. Some areas may require you to change the filter more often, so evaluating it often can help you know what your particular situation requires.

Simple Observations

Another good way to determine how well your AC is working is to make some simple observations. Pay attention to how your AC sounds when it runs from both inside the house and outside. If you notice any changes, you may want to ask a professional. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to how quickly your thermostat’s set temperature is reached after the AC kicks on.

Other Possible Problems

If your AC isn’t cooling just as it should, don’t assume right away that you need HVAC replacement in Stone Mountain, GA. There could be other factors like very hot outdoor temperatures, excess heat coming through windows, poor insulation, or poorly sealed doors. It’s a good idea to take care of these problems in addition to asking an HVAC technician’s opinion.