With summer drawing to a close, you may assume that your AC has done it’s job for another summer and now it’s time to simply wait for when you’ll need the heater. However, your HVAC system includes the AC, furnace, and ducts, so there are some things you can do to prepare your system this fall and hopefully avoid HVAC repair in Lilburn, GA, this fall and winter. Here’s how to prepare your system for the cooler months.

Air Filter Check

You’ve probably heard numerous times the importance of regularly checking and changing your air filters. While this is true during the height of the cooling or heating season, the same holds true for the fall when you may not need the AC or furnace very often. It’s important to keep the filter in mind throughout the year so that when your system is needed, it’s able to run efficiently because it will have a clean filter.

Clean around the Outdoor Unit

It’s important to keep the area around your outdoor unit clean during the summer, but it’s also important during the fall and winter as well, even if it’s not in use. Clearing the area around the outdoor unit makes it less likely that debris will get into the unit, which will cause problems once you need the AC again next year.

Check Ducts and Vents

Frequent use of the AC this summer may have allowed dust and dirt to build up on the intake vents and registers around your home, which you can easily see upon inspection. It’s also possible that your ducts are quite dirty and may require a good cleaning to help your HVAC system run more efficiently this winter.

Address Leaks

Your HVAC system can run more efficiently if you locate and seal up any leaks around the house. Common places of heat transfer include windows and doors, but you could also be losing quite a bit of heat from your attic if it’s poorly insulated.

Professional Tune Up

Finally, be sure to have a professional do an annual fall tune up to make sure there aren’t any necessary repairs. This can help you avoid the need for emergency HVAC in Lilburn, GA, this winter.